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I'm a dedicated mom, workaholic, independent but needy, round @ss and curves, red hair and freckles. I love the rain, movies, peppermint ice cream on the beach and ketchup with my chips. Rare steak, unconditional love, sex in the backseat and just being spontaneous. I'm me and this is it...  take it or leave it...
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36-40, F
2 Responses Sep 1, 2007

When you love, really love, it is not compromise, its sharing and growing together as if one. Each is fullfilled in their love even if it means they love someone else. Love is an emotion that fills every aspect of our lives . To love unconditionally without regret is the most exciting aspect of my life.

Demi ~ Compromise is what I’d expect from my partner when running a household. Both gainfully employed, both assisting one another, working as a team, making decisions together and taking on the responsibilities necessary to maintain the household. I do not expect the person I fall in love with to alter their identity because I am dissatisfied. If I am not content with him/her as they are then I should not have entered the relationship… and if somewhere down the road I discover that things are not working then for the sake of all, I would end the relationship rather than suffer unnecessarily or allow my children to live under a roof of negativity. Obviously there are always circumstances and allowances to the rule as in life things are never set in stone but for the most part I am who I am and take me as such or move on.