All I Need Is Love.

One of my favorite Beatles songs is “All You Need is Love.”  I love this song but I wonder if they really got it right.  First they are saying all you need is love.  They lead us to believe that love is a game and it most certainly isn', and how many times do they repeat "it's easy" during the song.  Yes, love is an emotion, a feeling, a wanting, and a “just being”. We know it feels good, especially when it is new love, but what specific feelings, wanting, longing, and being are present when we feel love?  For me to truly love someone that love has to contain affection, respect, discipline, understanding, and wisdom.  Love without these components leaves me feeling empty on the inside.  Some people think they know what love means but love cannot be learned from books. It can only be felt and it appears when our soul is prepared for this unforgettable experience. At least I know my love isn't going to sink like a "Yellow Submarine" because I know it takes more than just uttering "I love you" to make it work.



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Love ya girlfriend.

I would never purposely hurt you DD.

Thanks, I need that. just a little smile from someone who does not want to hurt me, someone I don't feel I have to guard against as it has been most of my life...DD


Dear fungirlmmm,<br />
"...I know it takes more than just uttering "I love you" to make it work."<br />
I hate it when people who don't know me say they love me. <br />
<br />
(1)I am a sociopath and wear my self out hiding my true and dangerous nature.<br />
(2.) I only love my family and a very few friends.<br />
(3.) I like fungirlmmm<br />
(4.) This is why my favorite quote is “Please do not understand me too quickly”-Andre Gide

You should check out my latest blog Jaycee. I wrote it a few months ago but thought I'd share it when I read this. :)

It is understandable.

I am the same way!! Perhaps it's a bit sad but even when someone does me wrong I don't ever wish bad on them. I pray for them and wish them well.

You just have to know who is right for you and who isn't. I am happy in this moment and l have love and it is beautiful BUT if he didn't want me tomorrow I would let him go to follow his path and I would always wish him nothing but happiness and love.

Nope it doesn't. My ex-husband was very abusive and although I don't ever wish to still be with him, somewhere in my heart I will always love him.

I agree with that 3in1. I am still friends with all but one man I used to date and still care about them. Love doesn't just stop.

I think love is one of the most abused words in the dictionary. To honestly love someone is unconditional. For instance, once you are in a relationship and then things go sour, after all is said and done you still care deeply for that person. That, to me, is a feeling of love. My mom and I didn't always get along over the years and often times I would catch myself saying "I love her with all my heart but I just don't like her right now". I hope that makes sense....

Good point Notg. It takes so much more than just simple love. If it just took love I would be dating half the men and women I chat with here. However it takes that extra to make me want to date.