Yeah I Want To Be Rich

Yeah I want to be rich but not so I can buy everything I want. It's so I can do that but also help people/animals. I would help people by giving an entire african village food for ever, to help them find and plant foods of nutritional value. To buy up land enough to bring all the unwanted horses to a new home just because they are 'ugly' does not mean that they should be put to die. They can happily live their lives in pastures that i would have until someone wants them not for their 'looks' or to ride but as a companion to their own horse or for their own pleasure of owning.

If I was rich I would not have a mansion I would have a nice house surrounded by the 'un-wanted' animals of society so they can live out their days in happiness
swiftknife swiftknife
18-21, F
Aug 25, 2011