Nearly Was Once

Sometimes I try the Euromillions lottery and I do try the same numbers like many people do. About three years ago I once tried a different set of numbers but had no luck on those so I went back to my usual numbers and about two weeks later those numbers I tried the fortnight before came up, I was punching my walls for days cause of that and what was icing on the cake so to speak was that no one else had the jackpot either and that the jackpot was 90 million pounds. I do think about what if I did win that jackpot, would my life be the same or will it be different. Winning the lottery changes some people and doesn't change others so the question is which one of those would I have been?
dalv2011 dalv2011
26-30, M
1 Response May 21, 2012

I wonder if the lottery changes the person, or if the 'friends' in the edge of the winner's circle changes the person. Of the little I know of you, so far, I'd say you would want to take care of a lot of people in your inner circle and make them happy along the way.