About Boat Harbour

A two hour boat ride from a fishing boat in Lax Kwa'alaams (Land of Red Roses). An adventure where the legends have started. 
Porpoise whales, killer whales swimming by, otters laying on the rocks as well as the seals. 

There are three simple home-made cabins, where you can put a bon fire in the centre of our cabin, The Henry cabin. Been a family thing since our ancestors have canoed there. 
Our duty is to collect Eeyans, seaweed, and fish. But the weather didn't agree with us. The waters were so rough, that it is hard to go and pick sea weed. Instead we have cut Halibut, Salmon and Sock eye. We cut them thin enough to let them dry and but them in a smoke house. A smoke house is a small hut where you have a small fire, and hang the fish above it where all the smoke dries it up. 

On a nice Sunny day, the radio told us so. We woke up at 4 30 am to go and pick sea weed. We had a half hour boat ride along the island, The fishing boat towing a speed boat that we use to get close to the rocks, my Grandmother showed us what is the difference between the sea weed. The one she calls a Wat'se is the one we have to look out for, she showed us and told us to break the ends of the sea weed because it dries funny. 
We filled six sacks of sea weed then when we get back to camp we spread them on rocks where the sun can dry them. She told us "we don't dry it in the cabin because the sea weed spoils the sea weed." I filled half a sack because I was a bit busy eating some raw eeyans, and oh boy taste good.

Couple days later, one of the dogs at camp kept barking one morning, turned out to be my uncles dog Mystery. My grandparents told us to stay inside because they spotted a wolf out there, a big black one they say. So I got a bit hungry so I toasted some bread by the fire for break fest. Later when everyone came back inside they had some toast and coffee. they said that Mystery is hurt, so I checked the dog, two cuts on the leg and that's it. 

Seven teen days at Boat harbour is good enough for me, for now. 
JeanRuss JeanRuss
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Sounds like u went on a real cool quest.