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Just like almost everyone else, I also want to be rich. I can think of so many reasons why I want to be rich. A big reason why I want to be rich is because I want my parents to have an easy life; no more hard work for them. I would make sure they would get ANYTHING they want, they wouldn't even have to ask for something, because they would already have it. My parents have work their butts off just so my siblings and I have a good life. I owe them everything; they wouldn't have to worry about any bills and costs of any sort. I want to be rich so I can make a big change, I know many of you will think i'm lying or i'm not serious, but I want to be rich so I can donate a butt load of money to many charities, and foundations that try to male a difference in the world. I have always wanted to donate money to people whom don't have a home, need money for clothing, and/ or food; but I just don't have enough money. I want to make a change in the world, help people have a better job, home, and life. I want to be rich, because my parents have been through a lot and I just want to help. I want to be rich, because I want to make a change in the world (or atleast the state i'm currently in).
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To be rich, you will spent much effort to your work, but at least there might some leaving to your lover, on, you will spend the less time to find a good and attractive rich lover.

You are apparently young, good! Let me recomend a book called "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. He has a sindicated radio program where he lays out his plan teaching any who follow his plan to live like no one else where later on they can live like no one else. Wish I had heard his plan 30 years ago. I am still paying what he calls the stupid tax but I hope you & others can learn what I didn't & avoid it. His plan may even help your parents save more, spend less & avoid getting ripped off. Good luck! You sound sweet & smart

This is sweet. I like trying to make some kind of difference in the community I live in, and I love when others do as well. =]