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Ok so I got the ok to write this 

Hi Guys   Im new to this forum and would like to share something with everyone, there is a new Mobile service coming, It's called Solavei.I would like to extend an invitation to join this webinar and be a part of history with me... simply contact me at www.purplefuture.tk!  Try Solavei You will never have to buy anything with Solavei... all you are doing is paying for a phone service... what Solavei offers as a mobile service provider is a reward to you for sharing Solavei with those you like, love and trust. So many companies online ask you to pay to be a part of the their company and then you will make all this money... Solavei doesn't and will not ever do that! To learn more how you can get your unlimited 4G nationwide Data, Text and Voice Smartphone for only $49 per month with no contract - or free - simple visit my site. I have 3 spots available on my team that would be interested in testing out this new network that is launching nationally on Sept. 21, 2012 
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