Money For Uni Life

Hello everyone. I'll keep it simple. I got accepted into university,in England and got a student loan because the tuition fees are incredibly high. I live at a house which I will soon have to leave and I will need money for rent for a new room somewhere in London. My mother's helping me with the money but they isn't enough and it could turn out that I might have to leave university because of insufficient funds.Actually I don't want to be rich,i just lack the money I need to build my future.I don't need  tons of money,just as much as a helping hand can donate to a miserable student to make him happy. Having enough money would also let me go home for Christmas. I know this would be a funny thing to read for a lot of you,but for anyone who is rich and is willing to donate,to help my cause and keep studying, I'd appreciate it with my whole heart.
Bank name: UniCredit Bulbank
Country: Bulgaria
Account: BG22UNCR70001519787235
bobb007 bobb007
18-21, M
Sep 22, 2012