Is That Bad?

I had a conversation with my friend the other days about money and I said that wealth is the second most important thing in life after of course health , while she did not agree with me. Does this really sound bad ?
I will speak for me . I'm pretty sure that 90 % of my problems if not more are due to money , actually the luck of it. So i don't want to sound materialistic or greedy but this is the thruth. Unfortunately money brings safety, confidence. But I guess someone has to feel how it is on both sides to understand how it feels. Maybe life will prove me wrong in the future ,but for know this is what I believe.
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There is an old saying that you might have heard, "if wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, and if character is lost everything is lost".

I have seen that many poor 4th class employee lives happier than many millionaires.

it can be true, 90% of your problems are because of money, because you might have kept money as your first important thing in the life to realize happiness, you are trying to find out happiness in the money/(facilities/pleasure provided by money). Lord Buddha said root cause of all sorrows & pain are due to our expectations/wants.

The HAPPIEST People DO NOT Necessarily have "BEST" THINGS in Life, They Simply APPRECIATE the Things They Have.
i have mentioned this in one of my story

I am sorry if i gone the wrong track or hurt you anyway, i didn't mean that, i just expressed my views.

Best Wishes

hmmm....true..As we go through life each day their are somethings we just don't understand..i believe some people wants to be wealthy, some wants to be rich, some just want to be able to meet their needs and live a simple life with the one they truly love as long as they are happy..SOMETIMES i can't just explain why some with all the money in the world are not just happy, they go through life being depress but people think they are happy..till they commit suicide..(mostly celebrities/star)..and the one's that don't have all he money are full of life, they go through life being happy andeven the rich sometimes envy the happiness of the not so rich's complicated life it;self is complicated..