I grew up been poor, how can I become a successful Man in life
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goto the library and get some books out about investing.

im into real estate and love it, trying to get into stocks but its so damn boring lol. one day ill be bored enough to research into it.

remember to work hard but dont lose yourself and forget to live. find a balance that keeps you happy.

i grew up poor as well and im aiming to retire by the time im 30, i just turned 25 now.

check out he has some good ideas

Follow Jesus Christ... follow his command and everything will come behind you.

Thanks alot... But how can I go about that?

I wasn't a born again Christian, but when i accepted Christ and i started following his command, i saw God grace and he gave me more than enough and still giving me. Bible is a command he gave us to follow. To be rich you need a character, Rich people have wisdom, knowledge, faith, power. You need to make yourself like that. Bible build your character and teach you to become a rich person in everything, wealth is one of those thing. People become rich in two ways, illegal and legal, if you follow illegal you will get rich but it wont stay for long neither you, but if your follow bible your richness will stay long and even your kids and their kids will enjoy it and even when you die you will live in richness in heaven. Get a bible and join a born again Christian church.

Thanks alot for you advice... I will Love to have you as a mentor...

Praise Lord, i m very glad to hear that... I m happy God gave me opportunity to help you and i m always their to share word of God with you to get success in your life.

Thanks... +2348163855610

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