The Darkside of Ep!

I love EP and I became a sponsored member, just because I love this site so much. I have been a member here for over a year and this site literally saved my life. I first came here, depressed and suicidal, looking for support and friends... which I never had any real friends in my whole entire life. And I am highly thankful to EP, for helping me find my two best pals for life! :-D

But, lately... there has been a darkside to this place. People like to make multiple accounts here, just to bully or harass others. Also using emotional blackmail against other members. And if you think that's bad enough, there are pedophiles who are starting to show up on EP too. Case in point, there is a woman who is being harassed by a *********, who wants to have sex with her child, who is under the age of 10. Of course she has reported this sicko to the police, but he keeps coming back onto EP, to harass her and her friends. She's thinking about leaving EP....

And this is SO not right! She is welcomed here, NOT the *********! He should be the one to leave, not her. She was brave enough to share her story, but it's one of pain... a mother wanting to protect her child, yet doesn't want to leave EP and it's support... her friends, her stories, her joy is here. She should have to leave, because of this monster.

EP Staff are responding and they are deleting his accounts, but it seems it's no way to block him from coming back! IP Addresses can be changed and so can email addresses. All EP can do is keep deleting this guy, as he is reported. So... my pals, Randy and MissBebe have an idea to make people aware of this! I am doing my part (or trying to, the links in the card or messages keep dropping...), so I thought the next best thing to do was to write a story about it. :-)

I do want to be safe on EP and I want EVERYONE else to be too. Sure, this is a diverse web-community, where it's fine if a person is a pervert or whatnot. But, when I first joined this site, the pervs stayed in their groups and around others like them. They left us alone. But it seems like they're spilling over onto others who aren't interested nor give any clue that they would be interested. :-/

But pervs are one thing... this monster is beyond that! And the more light is shined on this person, the less likely he is to harass! So, my weapon of choice is knowledge.

Here is the woman's story:

And here is MissBebe's message to EP:

If you have the time, please leave a comment on both! Thanks. ;-)

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3 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Thanks for spreading the word. It's just that...EP of all places? That's not right at all. It's like a sanctuary.

i like ep,and i am sorry that you have expirenced that on here.and i hope that your friend is being more cautious.i don`t understand how he can be allowed on here.

Out of curiosity, I searched Highwaters7's profile. He's still here and active as of today.