Like This

Bodies are joined...

Hearts are pounding

Hands sweating...


Eye contact...

Passion in the air

Lips touched...

Mouths opened


From head to toe

Tastes are felt...


Your body in me...

Your weight pinched


Endless ecstasy

Whispers in the air...

Everything shudders

Finally, a pleasure without end...

A dream, heaven, walking on clouds.


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21 Responses Mar 20, 2009

LOL i'll try but only because i don't want to have to change clothes LOL

don't give me a naughty face.......if you do i might make a mess LOL

You sure do take us there TeP. Beautiful!!!

but i like being spoiled......its good for my ego LOL

well.....i got X's so i guess i won't complain about not getting ((((HUGS)))) LOL

Elf is left sizzeling in the pan

thats i feel loved too LOL

no fair....he got X's i didn't get X' like him better don't you :-(<br />
<br />
hope that makes someone laugh

I agree no words are needed........

"A Pleasure without end" !!

I can only promise that for you i would do my best! well actually.....for just about any woman i would do my best......assuming she was willing of wouldn't qualify as seduction if she wasn't willing LOL

Anytime! Mmmmmm

Great post princess, i love it.

I am here princess! XOXO

Handcuffs, tongues ummmm, lol

I still don't see what it is about my tongue you like so much.

-_- is pulling of the tongue some kind of seducing trick?

Oh my, yes!!!!!

hmm.. i dunno!

Passion expressed so well.

Beautiful passion!