Nude In Front Of Massage Therapist

I was needing a massage, and my regular therapist was not available. I searched the ads, and found one a few miles away. I made an appointment and asked if she required draping. No she replied, I prefer to my clients to be nude. GREAT. I went to her home studio, she stayed in the room while I ******** naked in front of her, then lay on her table. For 1 and a half hours, I was completed nude in front of her while she massaged both sides of my body. It was not sexual, but she got to see everything, and occasionally brushed against my testicles and penis while massaging. I even got an erection when she massaged my inner thighs. I saw her looking, but nothing was said. I just loved her casual attitude about me being nude.
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Hi there. Isn't that so much fun. I have been given "release" by several masseuses but to be honest I don't like going somewhere where a happy ending is assured because 1) it often means the massage will be pretty bad, and 2) it also usually means they will do a bit of formulaic touching and once you appear hooked, they will negotiate a price, and 3) this usually culminates in some soulless yanking. <br />
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Only one masseuse has ever gotten me off without asking or negotiating a tip - it just became part of the massage. Best thing is that she works for a totally legit massage parlour (although a few of the others there offer extras too - including one who lets me take care of myself if I like). Once she fingered my *** and I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did! Still she normally expects a pretty hefty tip even though it's never been mentioned.<br />
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Now I go to this older Thai lady who runs a massage business with her husband (who apparently is better trained!). She does provide a very good massage but the rest is pretty fun too. She does knock but doesn't wait for an answer before entering even if I'm still standing naked (I do this many other places too and in most Asian places they just come in and take a good look!) She does drape me but keeps me so uncovered that the draping is a bit of a joke. Eg. while doing my legs I am uncovered from the small of my back downwards...She does a very thorough butt massage and I know she gets a pretty good look during stretching etc. Even when I'm on my back she manages to uncover me a few times and brushes up against me lightly. The last time I was there she put the towel so that it was just barely covering my **** but then pushed it back down almost to my knees (she was by my chest facing towards my feet) and massaged them and lightly brushed against my **** too - it was almost as if she was disappointed that I wasn't hard. My **** obliged instantly and then she covered me up. Then she brushed up against me a few times through the towel and then while doing my feet I could see she was looking up my towel. Both of us completely ignore this but the tension is obvious. Then for the final bit of stretching she turned me around so fast that my towel fell away again and while I was sitting up with her behind me I knew she was looking at my ****. <br />
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I have no sexual interest in her but I love the idea of an older woman trying to get me naked and getting a good look at my **** whenever she can, without any expectation of a tip or any such thing. Once I reached for my **** under the towel while she was working on another area intending to slowly jerk myself and see what she said but I was already so turned on that I came instantly. I don't know if she knew what happened but some women are able to smell ***! (Like my wife, who incidentally once told me she doesn't care if I get happy ending massages but she doesn't wanna know). <br />
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The next time once she uncovers my *** I think I will ask her to simply leave the towel off and see what happens...<br />
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All the best

I used to go to a "Happy ending" massage therapist who gave a fantastic massage. I think she was, at one time, a licensed therapist who found out that there was more money in happy endings.

I wrote a story about her a while back.

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