Wifes Lady Friends Wanted To See My Penis And She Said "ok"

Where my wife works, her lady friends has talked her into letting me show my penis to some of them at our house. My wife spends most her time at home naked and has since we have been married. We have a condo with a enclosed deck where we spend time together nude and have had sex on the deck many times.

She invited one of her lady friends over for a cookout and wanted me to spend some time with this lady in the nude. When the person arrived, she was maybe 10 years older than I am about 50. We talked for a while and started the cook out when my wife asked her to remove her clothes. She did and looked great for her age. My wife has a beautiful sunburned body and keeps her self completely shaved.Her friend said she had never seen a man completely nude before as her husband like to have intercourse with his clothes on. Of course her ex-husband would not let her get undressed or even touch his penis. They lived together 12 years with very low sex life.

We all three undressed as my wife cooked on the grill. We talked and laughed and had a great time as our lady friend got used to being undressed and we were able to see her nude body. She had a hard time keeping her eyes off my penis.

To make a long story short, after eating we settled on the couch, she asked to please let her touch my penis, I am some 9 inches with a large testicle sack and I did let her do what she wanted. Then I let her rub my penis and sorta ********** me. My wife helped. She wanted to look at my balls as she had never seen any before. My wife held my penis up for her to see and play with by testicles. I was close to coming so I let her bring me off. My wife cleaned me and her up. My wife wanted to ********** me again which was "ok" with me. Her lady friend watched with much inerest. Our friend said as she left, it was the best time she had ever had and would like to come back. My wife said ok!
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...like a dream come true! Did your wife's friend ever return?

Yes, she came back to visit with her daughter. I will tell this story in the future.

Just asking in the story you were about 50, but in your profile age is 36-40... Spider... ,

My wife's friend was about 5o years old, about 10 years older than I.
It was amazing, but she had a body of a 20 year old.

Jealous of the nudity alone... You had your cake and ate it too!!!

I was a very lucky man to have a wife that enjoyed nudity. We spent 10 years together with a very good sex life. We never had intercourse with our contacts but loved to have oral sex, and other kinds of sexual contact. We enjoyed going to nude beaches and I have some stories about going to Haulover Park in Miami.