Blizzard Beach Bikini Malfunction

I’m not ashamed about my body, I wouldn’t be mortified if I lost my bikini at a water park.  We have a huge slide park (Disney’s Blizzard Beach) in Orlando where I live.  I’ve seen several bikini/swimsuit accidents.   Where I live (Tampa) ppl are fairly open about nudity and sexuality.  


But the actions of one young girl that I saw a few weeks ago totally BLEW ME AWAY!   I witnessed her total catastrophic failure of her bikini on the Summit Plummet slide.  I was totally amazed how un-phased she was by complete nudity, being she was very young (14, maybe even 13).   In addition, her sexual behavior was like amazing.  I was so innocent, reserved at 13 and 14.  She was very aggressive sexually.  She was the only girl among 5 boys, she flirted with all of them, the boys all looked mucy older than she.  


Disney is actually very “accepting” of swimwear styles and sexual behavior.  You wouldn’t think they’d police it totally, but they actually allow sexy bikini’s inside the park.  I’ve noticed some girls in thongs; girls usually just wear their sexy bikini’s under boyshorts to the waterpark, which then lets them inside.  Once inside, girls can stay sexy inside, wearing sometimes extremely skimpy bikini’s, unless they violate Disney’s extreme rude/ nude/lewd rule.  


A few weeks ago, I saw this very young girl in n the worst bikini you could possibly wear to a water park, providing you wanted to swim and slide, not just look sexy.  She wore this ridiculously sexy n skimpy crochet string.  Cotton expands when wet, becomes looser and also become see through.  To make her bikini choice even worse, it was like ultra-skimpy (Brazilian string) with ultra-thin strings, which I knew wouldn’t last in a high speed slide.  


To give U an idea, her suit looked like this:

I remember the girl looked really young (maybe only 13 or 14) but very sexy and mature for her age.  She had makeup, body tattoos, belly piercings, the whole works in terms of sexy.  She appeared drunk and so I was a bit concerned for her safety.  But after witnessing her behavior, it was the boys with her that were not SAFE!  She was basically a sexual barracuda.  There was a group 5 boys with her that day.  She was like a “vulture” around all those boys.  I ended up watched her for awhile and was amazed by her behavior and how relaxed she was when her suit came off. 
She was maybe 14, perhaps 13 (I’m not kidding) her behavior, daring and sexiness was like out of this world.  She seemed to be enjoy the attention from all the guys and flirted with all of them and wasn’t shy at all about doing sexual stuff in public.  I was shy at her age yet she was, the only girl with 5 older guys and she was totally relaxed and more aggressive sexually then her friends.  She kept touching those boys, even kissing in front of everyone.  I’m totally surprised they didn’t kick her, she went over the line in terms of sexuality.  I remember they all decided to do the Lazy River tube ride, I went behind in a tube and watched them, mostly out of curiosity.  Here’s a picture of Lazy River to give U an idea:

Anyway, I noticed she would paddle over to the older boys while riding down the river in tubes, and kiss them right on the lips, then paddle to another boy, kiss him then hang for awhile to the whole group, groping, touching, kissing as they rode the river.  The park wasn’t super crowded, she got away with a lot of sexuality.  I remember the guys seemed hard, she was almost trying to excite them, I saw her touching down there while kissing them and such.
After that they all headed to the Toboggan Racers slide, which looks like this:

Her venture down that slide was amazing because She only tried to win, not caring about her string bikini where her top and bottom was when she got down to the bottom.  At that point her suit was soaking and it had started drifting down lower and lower on her hips, but she didn’t really care.  Her butt crack was exposed, didn’t seem to bother her, she didn’t even pull it back up. 
At some point she or the guys decided to drop down summit plummet, the highest, fastest slide at the park.  Here’s a picture:


As you can see, Summit Plummet is super steep and her bottom ripped off her body, mostly because her hands were stretched out.  It ended up washing over the railing half way down the slide.  Her top also ripped further down the slide and came out of the shoot along with her, actually behind her.  Somebody from the park had to walk halfway down the fake snow to get her bottom from the slide.  Unfortunately, or for her perhaps fortunately, it was NOT in the same “condition” as before.  It turned out her top and bottom were totally trashed.  The tiny cotton strings broke and ripped off some of the crochet material which had started to unravel.  Needless to say everyone was laughing at her because she flew into the water totally naked.  But she was almost totally comfortable with it.  I remember she couldn’t even tie on her bikini since the strings were ripped out.  She sort of swam around the pool, hugging her friends to cover her boobs.  Eventually one of her friends brought her a towel from the shore, but by the time she got it, being she was in the middle of the pool, it was soaking wet.  To make things more “interesting” her towel wasn’t a beach towel, more like bath towel.  So she wrapped it around her, because she wanted to keep swimming with her friends, but her towel kept floating up in the water, and her boy friend’s kept diving down to look at her body underneath the water.  She didn’t even want to leave the water.  She kept kissing guys, wearing only a beach towel. 
Finally a park official came and booted her out of the water.  She came out wearing this totally wet, skimpy bath towel, looking like this:

I remember she sat on the shore in just a bath towel, totally nonchalant, while her friends finished swimming.  She didn’t even try to cover up much while sitting.  She went over to some boys at the park because they had started to tease her about losing her swimsuit.  She starts flirting with them, kicking her feet at them, sits down with them, almost plops down casually, legs spread and starts yacking, after that she goes back in the water, wearing only a bath towel, and swims more.  Finally the park officials told her she was going home.  I remember she walked out, in this sassy, sexy strut, her friends jokingly pull at the back of her towel as she walks, her towel flips up, showing her butt.  She sort of drapes her towel around her body, almost total carelessly; it didn’t even cover her *** while she walked.  Her guy friends keep pulling at her towel more; she kept smiling and flirting as they all walk out. 
Sometimes I’m totally amazed at young girl’s behavior, how free and casual they can be about nudity, sexuality and such. 

Cheers ...BikiniGurl 
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I have seen some very daring swimsuits as well at that water park, I have also had the fun to grope two mid teens girls at typhoon lagoon in the wave pool.

Over and over again for 30 minutes or more each time a wave would come.

Is true are you Brazilian? Or your SEXUALITY that's Brazilian?

I'm Brazilian too!

Fantastic story! I would like to you add me as friend!

amazing story... wow and wow one only wishes we could be there... seing all the commotion...<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

At that age I would have thought her parents might have something to say. I have no qualms at over eighteens enjoying and flaunting their nudity - but 13 or 14? I have a feeling that she might soon regret her teenage exhibitionisn. I am almost 40 and STILL am very wary about the opposite sex and their reactions to my nudity, but hopefully worldly wise enough to cope with and control the situation - I very much doubt that I would have been as mature and sensible when I was her age.

amazing story ... add me please