Naked In The Countryside

My husband suggested that we should take more country walks and I said "Yeah! Whatever!" and my face must have shown my dislike of the idea. But when he added "With you naked of course my darling!" I immediately warmed to the idea. Being naked in public has been one of my fantasies for ages. I am always naked in home and in my immediate local vicinity, but to walk naked with my dressed husband on country walks really did appeal to my exhibitionist nature. The first time we tried it was a learning curve. We drove a few miles until no houses were around. I undressed completely and left my clothes in the boot of the car. A few passing cars sounding their hooters brought a flush to my cheeks and smiles from Richard. He loves people seeing me naked. We set off on a recognised and signposted Country Walk. I was a little apprehensive, but Richard's bravado and keen-ness to get me seen soon rubbed off on me.

The first couple approaching us as we walked were both in their thirties and showed no embarrassment as Richard started a conversation. We all stopped and chatted for several minutes with no mention being made of my nudity - although the man DID persist in looking me straight in the breasts when he spoke to me - something I now accept as normal and quite pleasant. We bid them farewell with both Richard and me delighted at the apparent acceptance of my nudity and eagerly awaiting the next encounter. The next couple returned our greetings but hurried on by us in a state of urgency. Never mind, at least they didn't throw insults

The third encounter proved to be the most difficult. From a long way away we spotted that it was a family with two young children and a dog. I turned anxiously to Richard. He read my mind immediately and I escaped to hide behind a nearby hedge until they passed, although it was a close call as the labrador came sniffing round the hedge, but fortunately a whistle from his master called him away. It was when they had gone that we realised that at weekends families with children would be common, and that in future Richard would keep my dress in his haversack for me to put on when children were approaching. We also found that mid-week walks rarely have families, with solo walkers and couples be the norm. The School holidays disprove this theory, so our walks are somewhat curtailed during these school holidays.

Future mid-week walks have proved excellent and most walkers seem happy enough to stop and chat - some men being very open with their appraisal of my body and their admiration of my 'natural' below the waist appearance. Depilation is abhorrent to me and I love to hear walkers agreeing with me, and it is certainly a good 'ice-breaker' whatever their opinion. I have no qualms about discussing the appearance of my semi-bushy private area and I am quite excited when a discussion takes place about it as all eyes are focussed between my legs - something I admit to inwardly enjoying very much indeed.

Occasionally walkers, mainly men, ask if they can have a photograph taken with me. Something that Richard is happy to take with their own camera. However, he does draw the line at some sexual requests from men, although he happily allows them to touch my breasts - something he admits excites him, as of course it does me too. I am yet to meet a male walker that REALLY turns me on. That might bring about a further tale from me - but I can only hope that I am able to deal with it with aplomb.
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You do sound fun. I like you

It's a nice approach to give pleasure without trying to cause offence

Great as always - perhaps I will come across you one day on a walk

What about number (3) Having a husband who not only allows it - but actively encourages me to bare all.

While it's not public, have you ever gotten naked on webcam sites like Camfuze, Webcamnow, or Cam4? It's a thrill without the problems of being arrested or freezing yourself to death. It's also a guarenteed way to be seen by LOTS of people.

You're so incredibly sexy! With you naked in the countryside, I'd walk until my shoes fell apart.

Regrettably, you are correct that public nudity by a lady is much more accepted than the same conduct by a man.

I hope you walk nude for many more miles. Have fun.

Thank you. Once the kiddy winkies are back in school I intend going for naked midweek country walks regularly from now on after experiencing mostly encouragement from passing walkers, and especially those that stop to chat. I am a little bewildered that only men seem to agree with me on here, and although I seem to be generally accepted as a naked female I must be honest and admit that I would be totally shocked and embarrassed if we came across a naked man doing the same walk . I'm sorry guys but naked males in public will rarely get the encouragement and support that I get as a naked female. Are there any more naked FEMALE walkers out there for me to chat and swap anecdotes.

Consider this: Have you ever been to a nudist resort? Do you find male nudists any less acceptable than female nudists? Or how about nude beaches? Same question.

I have never been to a nudist resort or beach as I am NOT a nudist as such. I am an exhibitionist! I want to be the ONLY naked person around so that all eyes and attention are on ME. Selfish I know - but what the heck!

Interesting. Would you like to know of an urban location where you can wander the streets naked without fear of arrest? Do a Google on "public nudity in Barcelona, Spain." It IS legal. The accounts I've read indicate that few people take advantage of this, and those who do are mostly men. You would likely be the only naked woman around for miles. Check it out.

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very exciting indeed. scarey too, ha ha

It clearly states that no nudity is allowed.