I Like It

As long as I can remember I have liked being seen naked. As a young girl I would set it up so people would see me naked. When I was a teen I would walk around infront of my dad, my brother and their friends. When I was married my husbands frends used to see me naked all the time . My three father-in-laws saw me naked many times and the last one had his way with me at least once a week. I have been known to have frequent nipple slips and guys are always looking up my skirt.
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36-40, F
5 Responses Jul 31, 2010

love to see you naked... please send photos

I enjoyed reading your story, sweetie! It sounds like you have brought a lot of visual pleasure to many<br />
persons! Thank you for sharing it!

I love girls with a lot of self confidence and aren't afraid to show it!

I have a lot of self confidence so it is easy to relax

That's brilliant. A life long passion to be naked in front of others is something I share too. It's not just exhibitionism, but a little bit more that is why I call it passion. Keep the good work going and share photos and stories.