My Daughters Pics

i've found some nude pics on my daughters camera which she's sharing with her boyfriend. i'm not bothered by this but is it right that i'm turned on by them and want to share them? emailme pervypaul
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1 Response Sep 18, 2012

<p>My wife says that ****** must be very common and very natural because the culture has to work so hard to keep people from doing it. Stuff that people don't want to do doesn't need the very strong level of condemnation that ****** always gets. So, yes, its natural for men to be aroused by photos of naked hot young woman even if she's your daughter.</P><br />
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<p>But the other side is that the feminist hate culture strongly punishes ******, and even more strongly punishes men who are naturally attracted to young women. A man in possession of a photo of a young woman, even your daughter, is a serious "crime" in feminist hate culture. If you are sharing the photos you are likely to be arrested and sent to their hellhole concentration camp prisons.</P>