Naked Yoga

I am an avid yoga practitioner and exhibitionist, so I decided once to combine my interests. I was going to our family's vacation home for a week during the summer. I arrived several hours before anyone else was scheduled to be there, so I decided to do my yoga practice outside where the weather was beautiful and I had a good view of the lake. I went out wearing my yoga shorts and a t-shirt, but soon got the idea to practice naked. I ******** off and continued my very meditative practice. Now, the lawn where I was practicing is in clear view of two other houses and the lake itself which has a great deal of boat traffic. I was well aware that at least two boats stopped and watched. As I neared the end of my practice, I sat in Lotus position to meditate. My quiet time was interrupted by whistles and cat calls from a group of college age women who were stopped just off shore. One of them, obviously familiar with yoga, yelled, "turn around and give us a sun salutation." Feeling a little turned on by the attention, I did as she requested and lingered bent over with my *** facing the girls. This drew a round of screams and applause. I turned and waved and picked up my mat to go inside. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. As I looked around, there was a large group of women on the deck next door. Apparently, they were having a shower and some of them had heard the noise from the lake and wandered out to the deck. My private naked yoga session was obviously very public.

whippednhappy whippednhappy
41-45, M
Mar 16, 2009