I Like Older Women To See Me Naked

Ever since I was a kid I liked older women to see me naked.  But not strangers.  I only like women I know to see me naked. I never flashed a lady waiting at a bus stop or girls walking to school.  I like it when my granny, aunts and other relatives see me naked.  Neighbor ladies and friends' mothers & relatives, also. 

I would try to set up "accidental" situations where they would walk in on me when I was naked. Or in some cases I would undress in front of them to change into a bathing suit or pajamas.

Now that I am older I have a whole new universe of viewers, such as, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, cousins, adult nieces, etc., from my wife's family, and their friends & neighbors, etc.

I still use old techniques like calling out from the shower for a clean towel, and waiting for it with the curtain all the way open.  Now I've upgraded that to asking them to answer my cell phone and relay the conversation to me while I'm in the shower.

Am I alone, or does anyone else enjoy this sort of "inappropriate" nakedness?

FlatbushSam FlatbushSam
46-50, M
6 Responses Dec 25, 2009


I'm the sam!A new one is getting caught by pizza delivery girl ,got to do your research,though! I've made sure I've been caught by older ladies,too!

yes mate it feels gr8

most of my wife's friends have seen me naked. I usually try to make it look accidental

I want to be seen naked by an older lady that would like looking

I've done the same as a teenager, standing in my bedroom window naked with an erection was seen by the neighbors, walked out in the back yard naked and was seen by neighbors on the other side. Now I enjoy going around naked in the health club and letting others see me with an erection in the wet sauna and forthe right person jo in front of them