More Than Almost Anything

I want more than almost anything to be self sufficient. But I'm far, far from it, although I have been making strides, little by little, these last few years. After trying just about everything else and only becoming worse in a lot of respects, I have decided to take a big step in the direction of becoming self sufficient. The way in which I have decided to do it will make a lot of people think less of me, but most who know me already think poorly of me, so that should not bother me. I need to try to make a life for myself. I need to be able to take care of myself should anything happen to my mother and I fear that time is coming soon. I need to take this step for now because I know it will help me stand on my own until I can function more fully and be a more capable person. I believe I can be fully self sufficient someday and not have to rely on anything or anyone for help but that is not the case now. Until it is, at least I will be able to take care of myself so that I do not become the unwanted burden of someone else once my mother is no longer around and I am all alone. 
ItchyWitch82 ItchyWitch82
26-30, F
Jul 24, 2010