Permanently Feminized Sissy Sex Slave.

I always had this fantasy of being a Sissy Slave to a Dominant Mistress. She would order me to dress as a woman and act like a woman, but in my mind when it came to sex, I would be dressed up and have sex with my Mistress. Unfortunately for me, when I did find a Mistress she  had other plans.

I loved the dressing up side of it, being told what to wear, with makeup and high heel shoes, I felt so Submissive when dressed as a woman.
Mistress Jade slowly began to take control of every part of my life. There was a collar she locked around my neck, and Gags, Chains, and a whip if I displeased her. Mistress also began to take photos of me dressed as her Sissy Slave, but aside from her occasionally allowing me to **********, there was no sex between her and I, much to my disappointment.

I began to complain to Mistress Jade about the lack of sexual contact between us, and she told me that if I agreed to become her full time and permanent Sissy Slave, then I would get more sex than I could handle. I agreed to do whatever she said.
Mistress wanted complete control over me, and asked me to give her the postal and email address of all my friends and family and all my business contacts. I then signed a contract that stated I wanted to become her permanent full time Sissy Slave, and at any time I tried to change my mind or back out of this agreement, then she would send a lot of humiliating photos to everyone I knew. So now there was to be no escape for me.

The first thing that happened was that Mistress Jade bought a steel Chastity device and locked me up in it.

My thoughts about having sex with Mistress Jade were soon gone as she explained my **** was now her property.

At that point I wanted to back out of our agreement, but the thought of her sending photos to everyone soon brought me back to reality.
I had agreed to be her Sissy Slave and she was not about to let me go.
For her amusement, and to humiliate me, Mistress told me to buy adult Diapers, and to wear them under my Sissy dresses.

I hated the Diapers, and being treated as a Sissy Baby, but it amused the Mistress and she found ways to ensure I stayed in Diapers.

Mistress found these padded pink Diapers that can be locked on with chains and padlocks, I was informed I would be in Diapers permanently.

My Fantasy of being a Sissy Slave to a Dominant Mistress, and having sex with her, had now become a nightmare.

But worse was to come for me.

I reminded Mistress Jade that she had said if I agreed to become her full time Sissy Slave, then I would have more sex than I could handle.
Mistress just laughed and said the sex was the next stage of my permanent Feminization.
I was informed that I was to become a Sissy Sex Slave, not for her or any women, I was to be trained to give sexual pleasure to men.
Arrangements were made for me to attend the Sissy **** Academy. Soon after, a woman arrived at the house, and I was Diapered, Gagged and put into a Straitjacket. Then I was taken in a car to the Sissy **** Academy.

I spent four weeks at the Sissy **** Academy, and upon my return, Mistress Jade had made arrangements for several men and some other Sissies to come to my house every week and I was to service their sexual needs.
Mistress took photos of me giving sex to these men and other Sissies, and made up a photo to post around the Internet to attract even more men for me to serve. Soon I had more sex than I could handle, just as Mistress had promised.

I wanted to be dressed as a girl and to be sexually Dominated, but I never expected this would be how it turned out.
I am now permanently Feminized, kept locked up in a steel Chastity device, Dressed as a Sissy Baby and permanently in Diapers, and now turned into a Sissy **** for the sexual pleasure of men and Sissies.

There is an old saying " BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR "

sissybabylaura sissybabylaura
56-60, M
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lucky girl, wish I had the courage to go down that road.

Who is Mistress Jade??

Is Mistress Jade looking to train any other slaves in to forced feminization. My wish is to be made to be like you sissy laura.
Submissively yours maurice

So are you happy? Do you ever feel like a man or constantly fem.

Happy is just a word. No matter what is done to me, I will always be a male. But I didn't want to grow old and wish I had done things, I wanted to experience things for real. The only way to do that was to put myself into a position where someone else is in control and I have no choice.
Left up to me, I would have backed out of all this and never let it go so far, so I had to have someone to force me to do these things. I didn't plan on the Diapers and the whole Sissy Baby thing, and would rather that didn't happen, and also being made to give sexual pleasure to other men, but I have no control over what is done to me or what I must do, I must simply Obey. Obedience and Submission makes me happy.

You are such a lucky girl

Wow!!! Truly an amazing story!!!

You certainly achieved your ob<x>jective!