A Good Example

I love to fantasize about being force feminize even if i have been crossdressing for long time.
Finding the right person to bring out the sissy inside need a strong assertive woman. I know there are some of them who likes to treat their man the right way. And reading some blog i have found something that explain it so well. At least the maid kind sissy i could be. Not that everything it sound great since there is humiliation but i believe if there is good communication there are some excellent advices.

1. Make a Sex object out of Him

* Dress him like a **** (It will take a while to let someone else dress you, and see you, but once the clothes go on, you are transformed, by appearance and by thoughts)

* Pinch his butt (he will love it when you does this, especially in public, and he will jump from the slight pain!)

* Tell him that he is just a sex toy to get you off. He will love being ‘used’)

* Put a **** cage or chastity device on him and only unlock it when YOU need pleasure. (he may choose to remain in these 24/7, but you has needs!)

2. Role Playing the Housewife/*****

* Make him dress like a maid and perform housewifely duties like cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Some go as far as making him wash out their panties and hose by hand as an act of humiliation.

3. Shame

* Use negative labels like *****, ****, **********, boy, girl, *****, etc. (sissy, **********, ****, **** ****, girl are cool too.)

* Make him feel embarrassed for getting turned on by something which is taboo to him. (he will love the shame, it sends him further, deeper into subservience)

* Be condescending. (especially when in public)

* Discipline him publicly. (Whether verbal or physical, it works every time)

* Make him do things which he finds humiliating or taboo. (While at VS ask him “is this the right size?” holding up panties in public for all to see)

* Humiliate his **** size; make him feel like he has to try hard to be man enough for you. (This one gets into his head, and makes me weak, every time)

4. Vulnerability

* Treat him like a girl in every way. Help him to feel feminine. (Girlie clothes underneath his ‘man’ clothes, especially in public)

* Encourage him to vocalize in a feminine manner during sex. Tell him to moan lightly like a girl. (This is utterly embarrassing)

* Emphasize the fact that you are going to “take” him and not vice versa. (He will like it when the rules are set straight from the beginning.)

* Get him to spread his legs like a ****. (especially while on his back, he will feel so vulnerable)

* Call his *** a ***** and his **** a ****. (he will really start to believe it, and treat them accordingly.)

* Make him feel that you are in control and that you WILL without a doubt
penetrate him. (Systematically shutting down his ‘manhood’)

* Talk to him about the sensation of stretching him and opening up his
booty (Watch him close his eyes and start twisting the pillow by this point.)

Miss Nikkij Madison sum it up quite beautifully.

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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

You stylish you beautiful

Yes Annalise with the right Woman this could be tough but i guess many sissies would love it and even more for the Mistress

Wonderful! I was happily reading along, nodding, commenting aloud, until I got to '4'. OMG, all of those would make my dream night in, perhaps whilst also dressed appropriately....