Slave To Two


It WAS FINALLY FRIDAY. It was to be our scheduled Date Night! Over the years in order to keep our sex life exciting, we had decided that twice a month we would engage in some of the kinkier aspects of sex. These nights turned me on far more than they did P, but she was willing to participate in order to keep me happy.

I really like to play a very submissive role on Date Night, and P, God bless her, finds it difficult to really get into the spirit of things. She finds that being a dominant ***** is just not HER. Tonight, however, things would be very different. I had made contact with a guy on the computer bulletin board, named X, that wanted to play the role of Master to both P and I. When I explained that she was not into playing submissive roles, he offered to come over and make love to my wife, while I was bound and helplessly forced to watch. That idea intrigued me. We have been swinging for quite a few years now, and I had never seen her actually making it with another man.

Tonight she came home from work, and without even pausing to chat about her day, she ORDERED me to go to the bedroom and ***** naked. Sensing that something was different about her attitude, I rapidly complied. She turned the music into our bedroom far louder than normal. By the time she came into the bedroom, I was naked. She smiled oddly and said"That's a good slave".

Reaching behind the bed, she pulled out the restraints I had made several years ago, consisting of leather cuffs connected by seat belt material. Humming softly, she fastened me to the bedposts so I stood facing the bed with my arms spread eagled. Next she got a roll of duct tape and taped my ankles together. She then took some strips of that duct tape and taped my chest meat into small, but very real breasts. All of this we had done before, and it was one of my favorite games. I suspected that she would soon dress me in one of her nighties.

Instead, she left the room saying,"Don't go away". She chuckled softly as she left. Unbeknown to me she went down to our "toy"chest and brought a bunch of our adult toys upstairs. With the music up so loud, I couldn't hear anything else. While I stood firmly secured, she sat down to play computer games. I waited patiently, having no other choice.

After what seemed like a very long time, she walked into the bedroom, with X. She had called him up and told him to come over. Tonight was certainly going to be a new experience!

X walked over and checked how securely I was fastened. "You did a beautiful job Mistress P." he said as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. They laid down on the bed and kissed and caressed each other for a while, before X suggested that perhaps they ought to get me into a more slave-like state. P asked, "what do you mean Master X?" He replied," I always keep my slaves shaved, do you have a razor?" "Certainly my dear", P replied, and retrieved it from main bathroom.

X wasted no time as he proceeded to shave my body totally from the neck down. When I started to protest, he shoved a ***** gag into my mouth, and strapped it in place. "A good slave should be seen and not heard." he said giving me a slap on the *** for emphasis. X remarked when the shaving was complete," The slave looks like a little boy now, except for those cute little ******* you made. I think that I would rather have a **** slave tonight, let's play dress-up with our toy." "Great idea Master X", P replied. For the next half hour they put make-up, a wig, high-heels, bra, pantyhose, etc. on me. They even painted my fingernails and toenails! I could see myself in the mirror, and was stunned.

P got them each a glass of wine, which they sipped as they sat chatting as if I wasn't even there. Soon, X was helping Pat get undressed and she helped him get ready. X asked P," Shall we blindfold HER?" P said," Hell No! Make the poor worthless **** watch while a Real Man makes love to me."

They began with caressing each other's nude bodies and soon moved on to oral sex. X slipped down to her crotch and soon she was moaning with pleasure. She never got worked up that fast with me! When P took his magnificent, hard young **** into her mouth, I felt the tears running down my cheeks. In my fantasies it never was like this! I could only watch in pained silence.

For a couple of hours they made love until they had mutual *******. While they cuddled in the warm afterglow, X suggested ,"It's time to put our slave to work". He picked up my feet and laid me on the bed with my head hanging over the edge. He then guided Pat until she straddled my face. "Make the little **** lick you clean." He undid my gag. Pat pulled my face to her crotch and ordered,"Lick me *****!" I had never tasted another man's come, very rarely my own. Now I was powerless to prevent doing so. I licked and slurped at her steaming lips until she had another ******. She finally said, "That's all I can handle for now." Then she added," X, I know that you said you were straight, but I think you should make the sissy slave lick you clean also; SHE does such a good job."

She took his **** in her hand and pressed it to my lips, saying, "That's a good girl, lick all my juices off of this wonderful ****." In my bondage state, I was forced to lick his **** and balls while the strong smell of recent sex filled my nostrils. P said, "Open your lips *****, take it in your mouth. I want to turn you into a **********." X slid his limp **** into my mouth and forced me to suck and slurp until he was once again fully erect. Then he grabbed my head and began ******* my mouth, completely oblivious to my gagging. As a Master he was unconcerned with my discomfort, and concentrated on his pleasure! The roughness used in this oral rape was unexpected and made me realize that I really was under their control. The "game" had gone too far, but now I could do nothing to stop it.

He finally came in my mouth and told me,"Swallow it all ****, spill one precious drop, and I will beat the **** out of you." I obeyed, despite my revulsion. P applauded crying,"Magnificent, Master X. It would be fun to watch you **** the ****'s tight ****, but I want to save your next ****** for myself." She got the strap-on ***** and as she put it on said,"So I guess I'll have to do it. She wanted to be a slave, and slaves don't ****, they get ******."

X undid my hands and forced me to my hands and knees ordering me," Ok Slave, beg Mistress P to **** your poor worthless *****." "Please Mistress P, **** me for your pleasure." I begged. I received a resounding slap on both cheeks of my ***. Master X said," You have much to learn ****! That's not what you were told to do. You must obey ALL orders exactly and instantly! Now try again." My mind raced to try to remember his original order. " Please Mistress P, please **** my poor worthless *****." I pleaded.

P now knelt behind me and smeared a large gob of Vasoline on my

******* and using one, then two fingers, she forced it inside of me. "Purr for me *****, show how much you appreciate all that I'm doing to you." P snarled with a new forcefulness in her voice. So I did cooing like a little girl," Oh Mistress, that feels so wonderful." X grabbed one of my nipples with each hand and pinched them quite hard. " You must always address her as Mistress P, you have no right to use less than her full title." X sat holding my nipples so my face was scant inches from the **** that had so recently ravished my mouth, while P forced the ***** inside me. "Go ahead Mistress P," he said," **** the ****." P grabbed my hips and began savagely ******* my ***. She had used the ***** on me before, but never so roughly. All of her natural tenderness had vanished and been replaced by a new sense of her power. This was not lovemaking, this was rape!

With P ramming the ***** up my *** and X controlling my movements by his fingers pinching my nipples, I was trapped on a hideous ride that I knew would end only when they decided. The pain in my nipples was intense and almost overcame the pain in my ***. My urge to be submissive had long since dissolved into real fear. P alone would have quit long ago, but with X's support she was actually enjoying herself. At last they tired of this and with a little pat on the fanny, P pulled out the *****."Not too bad ****, you"ll improve with practice. Don't worry you'll get lots more practice." she promised. I was allowed to collapse onto my side, my hands went up to my throbbing, painful nipples.

X told P,"This slave is easily controlled through her nipples, we should get them pierced. With some rings permanently installed through them, she could be easily dominated even when I'm not around." P smiled,"Hmmm, it would be a constant reminder of her new status. Let me think about it." " It would be simple, we could take her right now to a friend of mine who'd be glad to do it. He'd do the job for a blow job." P said," The blow job is no problem, now that our slave is a **********." She laughed and kissed him lustily. A shiver ran through me as I realized they were discussing me like a piece of meat.

"Let's save that for another time," P said," Right now I'm hungry and need another drink." They got off the bed and ordered me to get my lazy **** *** up and busy. While they sat on the couch necking, I fixed their drinks. When I delivered them P tweaked my sore nipples saying,"Yes some rings might be just the thing, they'll look sooo cute." She sounded so serious, I was scared.

I returned to the kitchen and fixed them tv dinners and soup. When I set their meals on the table, I noticed he was licking her nipples and she was loving it. They ate ignoring me completely. X commented," Slave is going to have to learn to cook better than this, after all WE are going to need to keep up our strength for all of the great sex we are going to have." P replied," Don't worry, Slave is going to learn MANY new things. The ***** wanted this scene, well now she's just going to have to live with it."

X said," From now until the next Date Night you should continue her training. Do not have intercourse with her, you may use her tongue for your pleasure, of course, and I would recommend that you **** her ***** several times a day. It's very important when training a new slave to remain dominant at all times." P answered," Oh yes, you masterful hunk! Of course you are right Master X."

After they finished eating they went to the bedroom for more sex while I cleaned up. Soon they called for me to join them. I was made to kneel on the floor beside the bed and watch while P rode his **** to another ******. Again, they made me use my tongue to clean their genitals when they were finished.

Master X had me dress him in his clothes when he was finally ready to leave. When he was fully dressed, he ******** me naked. "One last chore Slave, I want you to display your hairless body to me and Mistress P, while you **********." This was the final humiliation, I stroked myself to ****** catching my own come in my left hand. "Poor slave didn't get any supper, You may eat your come." I hesitated for a moment, then seeing the looks they were exchanging, lapped up my own come. X announced."Well you are now a ***********, come gobbling, little **** slave."

He then tied me hand and foot on the floor, replaced the gag and passionately kissed my naked wife. As he left I heard him tell P thanks for a great time and to call him anytime. She told him that she certainly would.

P returned to the bedroom, looked down at my helpless body and said," This was a GREAT IDEA you had. I really enjoyed myself. He was a REAL STUD and wore me out." She crawled into bed and turned off the light. She said," I can hardly wait to continue your training, goodnight Slave." I could only lay there in stunned silence, with my nipples aching, my tortured *** in pain, reeking of sex and dreading the morning.

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good story, when we can read the continuation

Great story. Guess one must be careful in wishing for things. Just might come true and be real close upfront. Hope you don't stop writing these stories.

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