My Dream

i had a dream that i had completely changed. I was a very good-looking, perhaps beautiful, girl, going to work at an office in a large city. I had noticed this stunning lady get on the bus and sat near me. When i stood to get off the bus, She gestured that i should stay seated. To my surprise I found myself obeying. After 4-5 more stops.. She started to get off the bus.. and motioned for me to follow. Again I was surprised to find myself following Her.  I hurried to catch up.. but she hissed.. "Walk 5 paces behind, ****!".. I was ready to run back and catch a bus to the office..but found i could only obey Her. When we came to Her apartment She motioned me inside.. it was decorated as a dungeon!! I looked at Her.. frightened.. but also excited, I knew I would be forced to make Lesbian love to Her and I was very excited at the thought. I then woke up.. but that feeling of being ordered.. commanded.. dominated by one so beautiful and yet so masterful stayed with me. I realize my dream was my true feelings about myself!

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

This not a dream but an experience. My gf had me cleaning our apartment in my maids uniform and wasn't happy about my attitude. She then proceeded to put me over her knee and spank me. When finished with that she bent me over her desk and used her strap on on me. Thats control

I had a similar dream years ago that I still think about often. I was in a white nightgown and ordered by someone (I can't recall) to suck a ****. (In reality, I would do it very willingly ...). As I was worshipping the ****, the voice said: reach down and touch yourself. I lifted the nightgown and ran my hands down between my legs. I discovered a beautifut, wet *****. Sigh.