This seems like it'd be so much fun !!!
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I'd want you all to myself

You know my wife and I were just talking about that this last weekend! Add me, would love to share your pics with her.

I'm ready!;)

Is fun. You can do multiple things with them at the same time. Just great :)

Somebody can take a ******* and do a marvelous DP

mmmmm seems interesting.My wife and I have been married 43 years and are really in love and would love to share that love with you.

wouldn't that be like having sex with your grandparents? jus sayin... that "experience" might mar you for life...

Lest chat and get to know each others likes and dislikes.I am a CD and my wife takes all my pics.We coudl share her and really enjoy a full you know what I mean.Louise CD

I can't friend you.You need to let me enter your friendship.Louise

Indeed, it does!

I couldn't agree more !!!!