How To Meet A Gang Bang Without Really Trying.

I love to flash, to show my ****, my thigh highs up around the soft curve before my mound--and flashing a trucker is just the best! They drive such long routes, with constant stress. I love to give them a smile. But I learned beware the local trucker--a flash too many just makes me a tease and there were some guys who didn't like being teased, and teased.


It was a nice day, clear, a little hazy with late spring heat. There were very few cars on the road this time of day and on this stretch of road. I was driving my sedan along a four lane highway that runs up the middle of the state. I was dressed in my usual business attire: kind of short khakki skirt suit, my blazer off, my blue silk shirt sleeves rolled up, the buttons undone over my 38C bossom. I'd pulled my dark brown hair loose from the bun that held it and slipped a pair of sun glasses over my dark green eyes. I shifted in my seat and pulled my skirt up to reveal my stockings. In an unusual move, I'd worn a garter belt. I like to feel really feminine under a severe manish suit. My three inch heels should have been a give away as to what kind of "lady" I really was, but hey, most guys don't notice shoes.

Behind me, in my rear view mirror, I could see a bright yellow truck gaining on me.  I'd passed several of these trucks before and knew they were a local haul route.  I'd flashed and teased them a whole lot as I ran up and down the highway working on a customer's problem. To keep up the brief tradition, I pulled my skirt up more so that the shaved smooth curve of venus mound was just hinted at below the hem ofthe skirt. I popped open another button and pulled my **** out of my bra so that the nipples poked prominently at the silk barely covering them. Then I opened the sun roof and let the wind whip my hair. 

I got into the left lane as the trucker began to pass me on the right. Looking down at the show I presented, he stayed right with me, blowing his air horn enthusiastically. I slipped a hand down between my legs and stroked myself.  I heard a shout and knew he'd rolled down his window. I reached for a *** then and plucked at my nipple and rubbed it. With a smile I looked up and saw a face grinning down at me. But there was a smugness to it I hadn't expected.

That didn't stop me.

Holding my steeringwheel between my knees I drove the car as I lifted both **** out of my bra and craddled them. I let them fall gently against my chest as i reached both hand down and fingered my ****. I was already wet.

Up ahead, I saw another truck pull off the berm and head into the right lane, then the left. I cursed the ***** driving and slowed down. The truck beside me sped up.

Damn! my audience was gone!

I would have stepped on the gas, but the truck in my lane and the truck in the right lane had me blocked in. I couldn't pass. I knew a hill was coming up and I'd be slowed down even further. "****!" I snapped and fiddled with my radio.

When I looked up in my rear view mirror another yellow truck had appeared right on my bumper. The closeness scared the hell out of me. I looked at the space behind the trucker I'd been flashing and the tight squeeze I was facing with the slower truck in front of me and decided to cut my losses and move into the right lane.  Sighing with relief, I let off the gas and truck that had been following me pulled along side me.

I didn't think much of my predicament until I realized that the trucks were all slowing down.  The truck following me, got behind me. Then the truck in the left lane used it's trailer to box me in. The truck in front of me and behind me sped up and slowed down allowing the truck on the left to fit in the space between them--but only if I wasn't there!

I ran onto the berm, the growl ***** hammering like my heart was. I was being forced OFF THE ROAD!!

I held on to the wheel for dear life as I was pushed closer and closer to a ditch line and a field of growing vegetables. The truck beside me came closer and closer until finally my tires left the road, hit the ditch and the car dug in. I screamed and climbed out of the car to curse the drivers. My heels sunk in the soft loam and I sputtered in frustration. Looking up, I expected to see the trucks a distant memory of bullying. Instead they were parking and backing up, the three in line. For a minute I was stunned. How in the hell anyone backs those trailers up without jackknifing them I'll never know. It was quite a spectacle.  They parked and I marveled at the skill of the drivers. I drive a lot, so I knew what I was looking at: precision truck driving at its best.

"Wow," I murmured and then it dawned on me. They'd run me off the road, now parked end to end, and were apparently coming after me! I stepped out of my heels and started to run for the road when I saw the first driver round the end of his truck and cut off my escape to the road and flagging down a passing driver. I turned to run in the other direction and screamed when I saw the large man running towards me. The third driver was heading my way and I stepped out of my shoes and ran into whatever green stuff was growing in the field.

The men quickly caught me, tackling me in the soft dirt between rows of wide green leaves. The one on top of me was indistinguishable from a million other guys I'd seen: even featured, brown hair and eyes, about six feet tall with a little bit of belly. I looked up and began to kick and struggle, shoving and scratching until one man grabbed my hands and pulled them over my head, his voice was firm and I found myself obeying his order, "Stop it!"

I froze and looked up, afraid, terrified actually.

His dark hair fell over one brow and his hazel green eyes were shrouded with long, dark lashes. His features were simply handsome, and from where I lay, I could tell he was ripped and carried a serious tool in his pants.

The third man, huffing and puffing, was heavy set, coarse featured and going a little bald. He wasn't tall or short, be he was definitely not a choice I'd make from a room full of guys. I swallowed, tasting dust, and looked up.

The beautiful one gave me a quick smile and began to speak. "Lady, you've teased and tormented my men for about two or three weeks. While we've enjoyed the show, enough is enough. The garter belt and hose were more than an advertisement: you've issued an invitation and we're taking you up on it.

"No!" I screamed only to have the Beautiful one place his hand over my mouth, "I'm not finished, sweetie."

Tears trickled out of my eyes and I wet my panties. A sob of embarassment and shame was muffled by his hand.

"****, she's pissed herself!" The Fat One said pointing to the dark liquid stain that was changing the color of the dirt between my legs. The Average One and Beautiful chuckled and simply lifted me up and moved me a few feet away.  "Now as I was saying," Beauty continued. "You be a good girl, treat us right and we'll treat you right. We'll give you a good enjoyable *******, pull your car out of the ditch and you'll be on your way."

I shook my head "no" but then Beauty took his hand off my mouth and reached into my blouse, stroking my breast, cupping it. "You've gone out of your way to give us a show, princess. Don't you want us to admire your curves up close? You know you do. That's why you showed us so much, isn't it?"

His hand was doing strange things to my breasts and my nipple puckered under his ministrations. Average reached in and caressed me too and i whimpered and then, to my utter mortification, moaned with pleasure.

"Oh, NO!" i cried softly and Beauty pulled back and cupped my cheek. "It's a simple gang bang, baby and you know you want it. . . Take off your clothes."

I didn't know what to do, I just lay there for a moment shaking. Average reached up and undid the front zip of my skirt and tugged it, and my wet panties down. My garter belt and stockings were dusty but dry, and all three men held still admiring my utterly smooth mound and now pink puckered  ****. Average slipped a finger into my **** and then stroked my ****. It responded to him, quivering eager.

"Please, just get it over with," i begged and Fat Man stepped up. Angrily, I pulled off my blouse and bra and spread my legs a little. Fat man yanked open his jeans and pulled out a **** that didn't even show under the shadow of his belly.

"He's got dicky-do disease: his belly sticks out more than his dicky-do," laughed Average and i glared at the pathetic joke. Fat man sank to his knees and shoved open my legs. I gasped with shocking smell of his sweat and the weight of his body. Instinctivley I tried to shove him off me, but instead had my arms grabbed by Beauty. 

Crying out, i felt the head of the **** penetrate my vagina.  Average patted Fat on the back and chuckled, "In like Flynn!"

Fatty began to pump over me, his weight spreading me wider and wider. He pounded my ***** with his weight more than his **** and i cried and struggled against his purpose.  In moments, it was over as Fat Man cried out and muttered, "Uh, uh, uh! Yeaaaaah!" 

Average's **** tented his pants so hard I thought it would tear open the zipper by itself.

"On her hands and knees," he directed and I was rolled over and placed on my hands and knees like a ***** in heat.

Kneeling behind me, Average probed my rear, first my *** before settling into my moist ****.

He slid in to the hilt making me scream with unexpected pleasure. I hung my head, the curls of my hair dancing in the dirt. His hands cupped my **** and he bounced against my ***, pushing himself against me, his meat making smacking noises as it withdrew and plunged.

Looking up, I found Beauty watching me, just watching, his **** tenting his jeans like a circus tent.  It throbbed in his pants and I licked my lips, feeling my **** clench on the **** inside me. Average screamed with pleasure and slapped my ***.  The jabbing in my slit grew faster and i bucked back and forth against him, hoping to make him *** quicker.

I succeeded  and felt a sigh of relief course through me as he shot his load into me.

It seemed to take forever for him to finish and i shuddered as he pulled out.

"On your back, please," Beauty ordered and i fell over onto my back. He knew I wanted him, but I felt like I had to strike back somehow, "Sloppy thirds?" I sneered. He laughed and knelt between my legs and opened his jeans.  His **** sprang out like a torpedo and I realized that I'd never taken a **** that big.  Terrified, I frantically tried to crawl backwards, one hand shielding my femininity, the other, clawing dirt as i tried to escape. Beauty grabbed my thighs and pulled me back beneath him.  His touch was gentle and his laugh was even tender, "I thought you could handle me better with some preparation."

I laughed in hysteria, knowing I was about to be ripped apart. "Please don't hurt me!"

He smiled and guided the huge head of his **** to my *** creamy slit, "It hurts the first time, after that you'll be able to take it."

His thrust was quick making me scream as I was stretched open and filled. He made me feel so tight, like my first time. I whimpered beneath him and clutched at his shoulders. His hips lifted and smoothly he began to plow me. We moved in the dirt, the grains rubbing against my back and shoulders.  Traitorously, I was grateful for the *** already in my hole, it made taking this monster a hell of a lot easier.

"Wrap your legs around me; I want to go deeper."

The thought of him going deeper made me shake with fear, but i did as ordered and wrapped my legs around Beauty. He pushed further in and i felt him hit my cervix. I whimpered with pain and then glared as I saw him smile with the result.

He ****** me like i've never been used. It hurt and yet thrilled me. His hands cupped my breasts as he arched me up and suckled my dirt smeared ****. I pulled his head closer and sighed with pleasure as he pinched one nipple and suckled the other. 

He used me thoroughly, his **** sliding in and out with a steady pressure like the fall of the drill on an oil derek. Steady, then faster and harder. I raised my hips and bucked against him, my fingers tangling in his hair and pulling his mouth to mine for a lust filled kiss. I clutched him to me with my knees and accepted the plunder of his body in mine.

"*** in me!" I begged and he smiled, reminding me that I was being raped and now begging for it. I closed my eyes in shame and then began to writhe as he stroked me **** just before he hammered home his release.

*** ran out my *****, over my thighs, into the dirt, now mud, and still he spurted into me.  He knelt back then, holding my hips, and i looked at my belly, full of his ****. I shuddered then, gasping as the surprise of an ****** overtook me.  I came on him, hard, begging and crying out. I wanted it!

Spent, exhausted, we both lay unmoving, him on top of me, my legs splayed open wide. Opening my eyes, I expected to see Fat Man and Average, but we were alone. The sun was setting.

"Where'd they go?" I asked, afraid of having to be ****** again.

"Gone," Beauty answered, pulling out of me and standing up to re-arrange  his pants.

"Lovely. I'm naked, raped and my car is wrecked! Where are my clothes!"

I burst into tears then. ****** or not, being forced off the road, ********, ****** raped whatever you want to call it, was hellishly stressful. I started to sob then, an didn't resist when Beauty tugged me into his arms and held me. I cried all over him, until i was exhausted.

"You took it like a man," Beauty sardonically offered.  Dragging a hand across my eyes I shot back, "No I didn't; You didn't **** me up the ***!"

"That can be arranged. Just get on your hands and knees," Beauty responded and i stepped back shaking my head.

"No, please, not with that whale ****!"

He laughed and picked up my bra and blouse handing them to me. Trembling, I put on my blouse and bra and then looked for my skirt and panties. My stockings were ruined and I peeled them off and left them in the dirt, reaching for my skirt. Only the hem had gotten a little wet from my fear and I pulled it on over my hips, my gait ungainly and shaky.  Looking at the wet panties near the skirt, I stepped past them, a blush covering my cheeks and neck.

Beauty didn't say anything, but put his hand in the middle of my back and sent a nearly electric current between us. I knew he felt it too because he looked at me sharply. I stumbled and he caught me.

"You're too weak to walk," he surmised and picked me up, carrying me back to my car.

The other two trucks were gone and he set me down next to the car. From his back pocket he pulled a cell phone and dialed, "I've got a lady here, she swerved to miss a deer--I saw it happen--and wound up in Andy Fritz's field. We need a tow truck. No, she doesn't need an ambulance. I'll take her if she wants to go. Thanks. Thirty minutes? Cool."

I jerked my purse out of my car and looked up at Beauty. Hanging up the cell phone, Beauty turned to me and half smiled, "Do you want to go to a hospital?"

"I should be checked for social diseases, don't you think?" I tried to sound waspish and angry, but only sounded pathetic.

"Fat Boy hasn't gotten laid in ten years. The other fellow is pretty decent and I'm quite discriminating. "

"Except for ******* strangers on the side of the road."

"What can I say? You're irresistible."

"Are you really letting me go? Just like that?"

"Yeah. I told you. It was a simple gang bang. You get what you want, we get what we want."

"I could report you for rape. Look at me! I'm covered with dirt!"

"No bruises, no violence--"

"Except for running me off the friggin' road!"

"No harm no foul. . . besides, you came."

I glared up at him and folded my arms protectively over my bossom. "I came with you! Not your poking and proding buddies!"

The tow truck arrived and the driver spoke with Beauty. Beauty looked at me. "She's in no condition to drive, I think."

The driver leered at me with suspicion and something else i didn't like. I drew closer to Beauty. Better the devil you know. . .

"Ma'am, you want to ride with me back to the impound lot?" the tow driver asked with far too much hope in his voice.  I heard an exasperated voice in my head, "What the hell is this? Rape County!?"

"I can drive, really," I insisted, my voice cracking.

Beauty looked at the tow truck driver then at me and clearly made a decision, "I'll take her into town, find her a room or something." Pulling a wad of bills from his wallet, Beauty even paid the driver and added a handsome tip.

The tow truck driver pursed his lips, gave me the towing company's card.

The driver pulled my car out and I watched it roll away.

"Now what?" I asked stupidly. Beauty answered by swinging me up into his arms and walking towards his truck. I would have loved to have protested, but i really wasn't able to walk, let alone drive.

"Please, don't make me do that all again," I was begging.

"How about with just me?"

Clearly I was in the "Twilight Zone".  Since when did a rapist ask first?

"I don't even know your name!" I wailed and he laughed, opened the passenger side door of the rig and started to lift me up.

"It's Beau," he answered. "Short for Beauregard."

I blinked. Beauregard, French for handsome looking, or something like that.

"Of course it is," I responded  sardonically, and leaned back into the comfort of the soft seat. "Just take me somewhere with I can get a hot bath and shower." 

Beau got into the truck, started the powerful Catepillar engine and pulled out onto the road.  As we pulled into the passing lane I looked down. A late model Mercury Cougar was alongside us. A woman was driving. Without looking up to see who was looking at her, she pulled open her blouse and flashed me, then flipped me off and drove on.

"Did you see that?" I shouted.

"Kinda," Beau answered.

"You and your buddies going to run her off the road?!"

"Naw.  Next time, maybe. I'm preoccupied at the moment."

I didn't understand this. I decided not to try. But the next time I flash a trucker, I'm going to put the pedal to the metal and get the hell on down the road!


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Nice story, made me so hard, I *********** as I read it.

Great story...well written too! Off to read more of your stories! Thanks!

That made me feel all warm and wet. Very good read!

nice story...i want that to happen to me, except i would invite more trucks with more drivers to plow deep in me..

Thank you for your kind comment--if you like forced sex, you'd probably like a couple of my other stories. <br />
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