To Be Your Everything

For once I want to be significant in someone else's life.

I want to be his everything.
I want to be his best friend.
I want him to long painfully for me.
I want him to miss me the moment we stop talking.
I want him to think about me all the time.
I want him to fantasise about our future lifes together.
I want him to only think about me.
I want us to be in a complete partnership of life.
I want to be able to call him up whenever I need to, and always be welcome.
I want him to beg for me.
I want his eyes to light up whenever he sees me.

I want to be his life. The one person he can't live without. A connection so sweet and pure, slightly toxic, but not too overpowering where one person gets turned off by it. Just the right about, equal for both of us.

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4 Responses Jun 21, 2011

It will happen M. I know it will for you. I know it seems like such an unattainable goal, but if a loser like me can do it, then I KNOW you will and you're not even close to being a loser. :)

beautiful realy :).<br />
<br />
I wanted the same, to be everything for a women. Still do realy, but has sort of goten more complicated. I meet one, but she loved it as much as she hated it. She dident want herself to be my everything. Not sure why realy, but I dont think she "thinks" she can be. That She will never be enough, so she has sort of accepted that she cant. Even tho she is everything to me. But cause of this, she cant be. lol. Again, kinda complicated. Point was anyway, certainly have to meet completly equal both emotional and thought wise for these things work like you want/imagine.<br />
<br />
Certainly is possible anyway when people think and feel the same way :).

You want it? You have the power to make that happen....

I wish your dream to come true!