I want to be skinny so badly its controlling my life. Im 5'0 and 107 pounds thats way too much for me. My goal weight was 109 but i still want to lose more. Still too fat!!!
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I bet if I ask all who know you " do you think she needs to loose weight" no one would that you do! I would problem get some she is too skinny and needs to gain a little type comments. Enjoy an ice ceam today!

I'm 5'1 and I am 128 pounds.... and I'm not fat so I think you are fine. To tell you the truth I want to gain weight. I am trying to get stronger and muscles weigh alot more than fat does which means by weight should be going up. Numbers literally mean nothing. I have a friend who use to be anorexic and she was so ugly because she was literally skin and bone and her hair thinned out and she started getting wrinkles and she is only a teen! That is what anorexia does to you. Now she eats healthy and exercises and had gained back weight and she is honestly the most beautiful person I know. She is just starting a modeling job and her future is looking bright.

Don't worry so much about your weight and what others think. Tell anyone who calls you fat to **** off and be proud of who you are! :D

Your 107 but your goal was 109? Sounds to me like you wanted an extra two stones. My advice **** the numbers. Eat right & exercise!