i'm roughly about 117 pounds and i want to be skinnier. i always feel fat and my mom makes it a million times worse. i remember when we were in line at the grocery store and right in front of everyone, her exact words, she called me " fat ***". those words still hurt me deeply even to this day. so on and off i starve myself in secret in hopes that i can loose more weight and get more deeper curves in my sides, i have small curves already but i want better curves. and my stomach is pretty much flat but i want it to be curved in a little bit. i always skip breakfast and now i skip lunch a lot of times. i eat snacks on and off during the day. i can also very easily skip dinner because my mom never cooks
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Depends on your height. 117 pounds is not much. I wouldn't want you to damage yourself by being too underweight.

i'm roughly about 5'6" tall

That's not bad at all. Don't be hard on yourself. Actually you don't weigh much at all. Believe me when I tell you this.

thanks dude :)

Please feel free to ask me questions about this. I will try to help if I can hun.

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you are NOT fat. 117 lbs and 5'6" isn't fat. I am 6'2" and 134 lbs. I am not fat. I am just freaking tall and sometimes its annoying. lol.

and I eat a lot when I'm hungry. but I'm also very active when I'm moving. I'm even active when I'm lazy. I'm constantly moving. thx to ADHD. lol. but oh well

give me your number talk to me on whatsapp I will show you how exactly we lose weight

You aren't fat. What's your height?

5 ft 6 in. is about my height

Your weight is normal in your height

thanks Red <3

You can't do that doll. Well you can but it's not going to get you the effects you want. Exercise will! Trust me, I know. I had really bad anorexia for a year+. Now I've incorporated exercise and somewhat healthy eating and my curves are known all around school. Not saying you'll get them bc I don't really think it's in your genetics but a fit body looks better than a starved one anyday.

Anyway, don't worry about the number on the scale. I'm 175 and no one calls me fat. I get the opposite and my friends who are always worried about their weight and are insecure are the ones who get insulted. They're easy prey. DONT BE EASY PREY. Love your body no matter what. Plus your mom is a bit nuts so I wouldn't take anything she says with a grain of salt anyway. My parents are like that too. But I look better than both of them and I remember that. Try it.

I'm rambling but I hope I helped! Self knowledge haha.

thanks Ivy <3