I wish I was thin and pretty, but I'm average, and I'm learning to be OK with that :)
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OK, then let's focus on being thin and average! The "average" you can do nothing about, except changing your mind about yourself. The "thin" you have direct control of, because you have direct control of what you put in your mouth for consumption. Eating food when you are not hungry, is an addiction problem. Do you have a food addiction problem?

I don't. I'm a normal healthy weight and a normal healthy body type, I'm just learning to be OK with that instead of trying to be "perfect" and skinny

The words "perfect" and "skinny" should not be used within the same sentence! One has nothing to do with the other! Therefore, you should not strive to be perfect by attempting to get skinny. Your exact body weight that is correct for you will be achieved when you stop consuming products that are not intended for pure nutritional value. This includes snacks and sugared drinks.

If you are bored or frustrated, don't eat as a temporary means of comfort. Eat only to survive. Your true weight will present itself to you, but you must also include exercise... like walking instead of riding, whenever possible. To not exercise daily by only walking, will only give you 50% if your desired results.

u needa be content wih urself.