But I love being in bed. so I got a part time job as a housekeeper . The way I see it...I'm exercising and getting paid to do it. being a housekeeper forces me to be active.
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That's good to hear bit I'm sure your beautiful even now but it's good to stay active for health

We need to get you some sunshine, yes they do light therapy for depressed people

Yes that's awesome, I love my bed and I'm like you. My job makes me workout and pays me to do it lol. Add me as a friend if you want I would like to know more.

keep active .. change diet

That's a great start! I'm in a similar boat. I work from home so i ten to be mostly inactive for the day. I'm trying to find some ways to motivate. Glad you found something both physically and financial rewarding!!

Yeah. I've always had a desk job or jobs that don't require me to move around much. and when I go home I lay in bed a lot cuz my son is 13 and independent....my mom cooks for everyone ...and I truly do not enjoy doing anything fun. I'm a hard core homebody. my favorite thing to do is sleep. so guess what? I burn almost nooooooooo calories. u basically have to pay me to get out of bed. so getting a job that forces me out of bed was the solution. I make an extra $12,500 a year with this part time job. it beats throwing money away buy getting a membership to the gym that u never use ! I'm guilty of that.