Im not fat but I'm fatter than I was 3months ago so I'm not eatin meat, drinkin soda and dance is life for these next 5 weeks . My mom keeps tryin to sabotage me but I'm being strong . She barbequed, bought me taco bell, and ordered pizza and it's only day 4 . This is hard .
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Stick with your commitment to yourself. I have been very thin all my life because of the diet I chose for gymnastics when I started grade one. I never exactly started a diet for myself at age 5, but I had a very supportive family who simply steered me away from the crap that most kids eat. I'm not a vegetarian, but I do avoid red meat. There are far greater sources of protein from other sources, than from eating animal flesh. Besides, red meat bogs you down and takes 3 times longer to digest in your system than other sources of protein do. If your mother is sabotaging your efforts, it also means she is not supporting you. I wonder what her agenda is?

I have no idea because she's doing the max fitness challenge! but as far as protein I drink the shakes and eat the bars and stuff . I'm naturally an okay weight so I don't do strict diets but when I gain weight quickly I know why .

If she is doing the max fitness challenge, yet does not support you in your own efforts toward fitness, you are actually living in a toxic environment emotionally. It is not normal for a mother to NOT support her child when it comes to that child's healthy lifestyle. Any comments?

good! how refreshing to see a person who is in charge of themselves. It took me 10 more years than you and I'm still not good at it. good job!

Thank you . Just remember what you wanna look like and how long you wanna live. That's what motivates me .

I like that motivation!