101! 101 lbs! cx only 4 pounds away from perfect. Haha I knew this all would pay off. They called it unhealthy. But who cares, if it works, right?
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how r u losing weight

sweetheart, your weight does not define who you are. it's hard to grow up, but have hope in the fact that there are people who will appreciate you for your brain instead of your body. most of these people are adults, so you may find your childhood is very lonely, but I promise were out here. Just don't die so young, you have things to offer the world that can only come from you, and we'll all miss out on them if you starve yourself to death.

If you're happy who cares the risks

Looks are a very, very small percentage of what matters. Skinnier won't make you feel confident, skinnier won't make you strong, skinnier won't make you any less tired. I used to be very thin, and I got picked on. I looked unhealthy, and couldn't even lift much furniture. I was weak, and always got cold easily, and it was always a struggle. I've been pinned down and smacked around in fights, and as much as I thought I could handle it, I couldn't. Now that I'm older and weigh a much healthier weight, I don't get cold so easily, I have more energy, I can lift things, I can take a hit, I can protect my friends, and I can protect myself. Life has been rough on me, and I'm very glad that I'm fit enough to intimidate, and don't have a problem with guys trying to take advantage of me. I have the body weight and strength to shove them off me, and with how life turns out to be, I'm more glad to be a healthy weight, than good-looking. Good-looking doesn't mean you can protect yourself. Survival first for me

i care. you looked perfect already :(

it sounds cliche but its the person not the skeletal waist. yeah i know...i just made up my own cliche.
you are not a disater. you are someone i care about a great deal ya idjit..;)

alright my dear. ill trust you but please be careful for me. i dont want bad things to happen to my buddy.