I want to be skinnier but I don't know how.
I'm eating almost nothing, but don't loose weight. I also work out every second day.
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Eating nothing will put your body into starvation mode(and it with eat off your organs with fat) you should eat lots of protein and very little sugar! MyFitnessPal is great! The only time I actually lose weight is when I exercise AND track my sugar intake. Never eat more than the suggested sugar!

Try green tea. It's really good :)

Try doing some detoxication process I used one and lost 7 kilos in 7 days may be it will help

No one ever lose weight by not eating, instead you can lose by eating (healthy stuff)

I'm eating healthy already. Or what I'm eating is healthy.

without workouts, healthy stuff would'nt help much..

I AM working out. Can't you read?

how long you have been doing all this stuff?

For a long time.

Maybe she isn't doing the right type of workouts? Many people need weights rather than cardio to lose weight (I know I do).

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