I mean my female cousin had always thought I was fine the way I was and she never told me she never though I was fat in the first place and why I even lost the weight. Well I'm 6'1 with a large wide bone structure. People said I'm fine and not every woman is built to be thin. in 2010 I was 220lbs. People though I was healthy. I wasn't. Then one time I went down to 179lbs in 2012 but some people though I was too skinny and needed to gsin the weight back. Then in 2013 I went back up to 187lbs. Then in last yeae I was back up 200 because I gained weight when I lost my grandmother and I gained weight. Then later that year my cousjn asked if I have lost more weight and I said no I've gained weight. She told me she's sorry for my loss. She said, "Well for my opinion I don't think you need to lose anymore weight. Seriously you look good. Honesty youre tall and you need to weigh more than samler women because tall at 6'4 and thin does NOT look good. Shorter girls look better thin because their smaller for my own opinion. Remember HEALTHY is important not trying to be thin and all that. Nobody is going to care how much I weigh even if you're 200 or 180 you are beautiful. I'm not trying to offend you or tell you what to do but it's MY opinion so please do NOT lose no more weight. I'm serious." I understand that it's her opinion but I wanna be slim but since my large *** body wont let me get smaller than a size 14 I might as well give up.
I weigh 189lbs.
MissThickGirl MissThickGirl
26-30, F
Dec 6, 2015