I'm very big with a large wide bone structure, and 192lbs and I'm 6'1. I've been big all of my life and enough is enough.
I've always been jealous pf natually slim and fit women. I've always wanted to be fit and slim but my body won't let me get anything smaller than a size 14. People have been begging me to not lose anymore weight and I look fit and beautiful. I get reminded that I'm tall and being slim doesn't work for women my size. My sister is small/medium framed and naturally slim but no one says **** to her. I wish people would stop telling me that I'm a nice size and I dont need to ne like them thin girls and men don't care about size, numbers and I need to quit aiming to be slim. I blame petite women for being more attactive. They can get away with being slim.
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2 Responses Jan 27, 2016

Is your sister still single ?

I'm 6'4" I love tall women :)