And I Am A Guy

I love women and everything about being girly and feminine. It has always been my dream to be a hot girl cheerleader in cute outfits showing off my hot fit body. Being all girlie dancing around and having guys want me and make other girls jealous with envy. May It would be nice to be dating some hot jock guy too. Would love to be a Laker girl or Dallas cowboys cheerleader. Even practice would be fun. Would be amazing to just be in the company of other beautiful women and to say I am amongst them and their beauty

jnnwalters6 jnnwalters6
22-25, M
7 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Mmmmm let's all have a sissy sex party and prance around in our silky panties and nylons!!!! I'll be the first to splooge!!!

Yes. That sounds so fun

Yes that it would be. Check out flirty girl fitness videos. You can learn quite a few interesting skills from them.

I have seen those videos and I love them. I envy those flirty girls

That's two of us! : )

If that's you in your avatar picture you are a most beautiful woman. Being a cheerleader is well within your grasp. Good luck

That's how I want to be to

Would you like the hot jock guy to ram you all night and give you multiple long ******* throughout your body?

Yes of course. I want his huge **** in me and to be dirty ****

It would be so amazing. Wish we could be on there together

You are in for sure. Ain't no messing with us hot *******.

Would you prefer a guy or another CD? I would prefer the CD myself. Seems like more fun.

Guy, girl, cd, tg. I love everybody

Good for you. I like an any one goes kind a gurl