Want To Be Different

i always loved who i was then out of the blue i get random thoughts of being someone else well now i'm older and i do want to be someone else he's a actor but its not because he's rich i don't no why i feel this way i want to be that person i'm getting very depressed and i don't no what but i always search this person and get more struck i'm lost in the sea i'm stuck i need help i don't no why this is happening but this person will not get out of my head and i am tiered of this i'm so tiered i want to end this i don't want to be depressed or act happy all the time i just want it to end i'm scard i feel lonely even thought i'm grouped by friends i hate what i am i look and i see good i act different i .......... feel different i fell good about my self i just want to no any comments please help...
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 22, 2013