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  Me and my mother helped out my "friend". You see-his father was basically a abusive crackhead who beat the mother, and had the whole family afraid of him. his mother would never leave him, even when he was in jail,she'd accept his calls, go visit him, he'd even-THROUGH THE PHONE-tell HER  how to spend HER paycheck. So-he got out of jail, came home. Everything was good fora day, until one night he started back with the crack (remember he has NO JOB). So..one night (it was like 24 degrees) some little girl called the house pretending that her brother was dating my friend (he's a gay boy). Friend called me crying-asking if he could say with me. I knew my mom was probably not up for it so i was like..see if you can get anybody else and if not i'll let you come. So..i didn't get a call and assumed that he found somebody. The next day, come to find out his dad put him OUT in the cold..he end up sleeping in their shed. I told my mom and she was HOT. She called dhs..and his mom's sister. The **** hit the fan. In he end..they eventually moved with his mom's sister (who had a Ph.D.). Please tell me WHY once he got up there, he basically ... i guess got too go for me? he quit texting/calling. He ERASED me from myspace. And after all we did for him. We LITERALLY saved his *** from only God knows what. And to this day... his mother has not thanked us, the aunt, or him. The only thing they've done was asked for his trumpet-other than that, no calls, Christmas cards..NOTHING.

  But..i'm glad I don't look for man to reward me. I know God knows what I did..and that's the best reward/gratitude i could ever have.

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Exactly. Like I said-i don't look for man to reward me!

God uses us to help him answer other people's prayers.<br />
<br />
The scriptures say...'whatsoever you do for your fellow man you do for me....Jesus.<br />
<br />
We don't need the thanks.....The Lord knows and he will bless you

Yes! We ddi. <br />
It's very-excuse the language-****** up how they've ignored us. But..I thank God everyday I could be able to HELP and not the one who was BEING HELPED.

wow, you really did a great thing... i wish i had a friend who would make something like you did for me, if it was necessary... you are a good person, no matter if your friend ever sad "thanks" to you... although, it's a ****** behaving of your friend...