Or At Least A 'something'....

For years, I practically begged my husband to make me feel as though I was important to him...as though I mattered....

He was my 'everything' and I adored him, and I truly believed he should make me feel the same....

Then, I thought maybe I'd be content with being a 'something' to him....

Now, I'm thinking I'll be much happier if my feelings of worth come from within myself....
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this is so true Babydoll…I'm glad you found that self worth!

Hmmmm, I don't know Babydoll. No, you can't rely on someone else for your basic feelings of self-worth. But you can all too easily dismiss the idea of being a something to someone else as a pipe dream. With the right person, it can happen. And it's fantastic!

Thank you.....you're right, it is possible.

You can be appreciated by others if you first appreciate yourself.

I've found that a lot of exceptional women such as yourself fall victim to feeling "less than" due to being ignored or feeling second rate.

Although I *know-know* you, I can still be unbiased in saying that you are a truly beautiful soul and you deserve every accolade that you are unfortunately not receiving. I love to pick you up when you are down :)

Thanks for this, Idle. ;)

My pleasure sunshine.

I totally understand......I have been there.

it's hard to keep giving to someone when you feel it's not being reciprocated. Sometimes no matter how much we dig inside for that self-worth, our significant others DO effect how we feel about ourselves. I struggle with this to and wish you the best of luck. If you find success, please share your secret with me :) xoxo

I will....you will be the very first, I swear!!!

Thanks for the good wishes....and the same to you...

liking and respecting yourself is a pretty good start.

How old are you Babydoll - 42?I know that you are a woman and not to be condescending in any way, you think that you are old (for lack of a better way to say it), but you are really quite young. my son just turned 43 and he has been trying to be an adult since he was 16. He is a fine young man (see, that word young again) in many ways, but he does not have the wisdom and maturity that you do where it really matters. i did not have it when I was your age either. I was all about people pleasing - trying to make me feel worthy by pleasing others. You understand something that I have just recently realizes - one's sense of worth come not from pleasing others, but from within us! Truly, the only person in the world that we must please is ourself. With self worth come confidence and confidence is sexy and beautiful. If we exude confidence, others will pick it up and feel better themselves just being in our presence! I cant explain it the way that i feel it, but it is late and I am getting tired(as old men do hehehe), so I will blame it on that....

Thank you for your kind words....I appreciate them...

I can relate to this

There is nothing sexier or hotter than a smart positive confident woman who knows she is a beautiful person inside and outwardly too. hubby is blind not to see what a treasure you are ! hugs !

I feel that my wife had the same (problem). Although I love her mor than anything, No matter what I did, she still feels that I don't care about her.<br />
After she engaged some charity work, things got much better. <br />
I think we (men) can't easily understand what we should do to make you feel that you (women) matter to us.


Yeah...I just wanna breathe.....

There's no "thinking" involved. You WILL be much happier if you have your own sense of self worth. And if he's mentally healthy as well he will find you all the more attractive because of it.