I Want To Love And Be Loved

These past years, since I've been capable of love, I've always had my heart broken. I have fallen in love twice...with straight guys...yeah, needless to say, it was a disaster, though the second person doesn't know I'm in love with him. But even though these were painful experiences, I don't regret them. Each time I've learned something new about myself. I have learned what I want in a relationship. I want passion, fire, excitement. Someone that always keeps me on my feet, wondering. Someone who accepts my flaws and still loves me for exactly who I am. A guy that I can make sleep with and that makes me feel as if I am in ecstasy, and someone that challenges me. This is exactly how my first love made me feel. But I also want someone who can hold me and be gentle with me, a guy who can make me his world, his everything, and someone that I can be proud to call my boyfriend...my husband...my one true love. Someone I can raise a family with. This is how my second love made me feel.

I realize now that I need both of these to be happy. Not both of these guys, of course, but both of these ways of thinking. Someone who can make me comfortable and at the same time challenge everything I have stood for, in a way.
DaysEJole DaysEJole
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

Know what you mean! I tend to fall for straight guys! It's a flaw, but I tend to like them because they're more down to earth sometimes, I'm not into camp either. I just want a guy to love completely who I can build a life with and go travelling with ! Bit of an old fashioned gay!! Rofl!

Yeah, I get exactly what you mean. Thanks for reading and commenting!