When can I find someone who will love me wholeheartedly without limit with passion and romance. Who can kiss me endlessly and shower me with love, honesty, respect, and spoil me with his attention. I want to find my soulmate who will pass my standard. I want him now!!!!
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I have had two meaningful relationships, where I have given my all. Sadly, giving your all is not always returned to you. Having said that. It's well worth the journey. Don't lose hope! As happened with me, the ladies in question introduced themselves I did not have too chase or seek them out. But I prayed each day for it to happen and it seems my prayers were answered.

Don't we all. I'm still searching for my other half. Not sure if I'll ever find her.

... word of caution... when someone makes you their everything, it can become too much of a burden to bear. It's as if that person's happiness is completely dependent on you, and instead of living a balanced, well-rounded life - with friends, family, and individual interests - they look to you to fulfill every single one of their needs. I think love like that isn't really love at all, and does for the most part exist harmoniously only in fairy tales. It's wonderful, but short-lived. You can be best friends with your partner, but make sure there are other aspects to your (and their) life that make them feel complete. Other people who give them satisfaction in life, and add to the wonderful existence that life can be! Then when you're together, you can share those experiences, and enrich each other's lives even more :)

I wish I knew where to find someone like that. I found one woman that was my everything but unfortunately she moved on. I do really like the thought of your story. Someone will be a lucky man.

Thanks for noticing it. I believe that a real happiness can only be found with someone who has the transparency to share his thought, emotions and his/her physical aspect to only one person. Profound experiences exist I no time😃

Oh you wrote it so nicely , I think I even shed a tear . I am afraid character you described can now be found only in the books and movies :-[