Not As Easy As It May Seem...

...for a woman to find a good obedient, submissive partner. Numerically it would seem very easy: so many submissive men vying for that slave position with so few (non-professional) dominant women. But there are so many poseurs, so many creeps and so many who are just horny would-be submissives who only wish to further their little kinks and are not really interested in serving. I know it because i've been there. And found my husband online (in the now seemingly defunct yahoo adult chat boxes), which should serve as an encouragement to those men and women who are serious. It needs some (a lot) of weeding out, be very patient and careful doing that, but you will be rewarded!
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im a true slave and servant,i ask for nothing and take pleasure in working like a dog for a woman,all women should have there own sissy slave,they just have to find them,were out here

I would love to be dressed in my new training corset and my 5 inch heeled booties and be made to watch wifey take a bigger member deep and grind on top of him while she teases me!

i had a phone Misstress for awhile, and she took over my life mentally. She made me search out a man that would let me suck his **** and **** me like a girl. She said if i did this it would bring out my feminin side. she said women would notice and be more interested in me. She was 100 hundred percent right, unfortunatly the Man i picked out was Dominate and he wanted to keep me as a girland he did for about 7 months.

Very inspiring Miss Becky. I just hope I can find such a woman here or that she choose me.

I on the other hand was so lucky to find a beautiful dominant women that really wanted and had the knowledge to train and use a very very submissive sissy, who lives to serve and always be obedient. I really hope yours is living up to your expectations

(curtsy to Miss Becky)

quite a bit, indeed!

You are so correct Miss Becky! There is quite a bit of nonsense to filter through before finding someone compatible- this lifestyle represents such a continuum! Thank You for Your story Miss. Curtsy, sissy jennifer