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Pantyhose Sex Slave

I am a male cross dresser who dreams of becoming someones pantyhose sex slave. I would love to be forced to wear pantyhose and any other female clothing 24/7 and  submit to a persons sexual desires ant any time or place.
LoniCD LoniCD 46-50 4 Responses Jun 16, 2010

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I would love to wear pantyhose and be your slave, of course if you want to switch that would be okay too! Make your Sissy ***** and I'll do you daily or more often if you like. Love to swallow your load!

That would be awesome. I'd do this too!

I just got your comment while at work. I now have to go to the restroom and take care of a little problem. The thong and pantyhose that I am wearing under my work clothes are soaking wet and I am so hard that it hurts.

I want you to **** off by rubbing your pantyhose covered **** against my pantyhose covered ****. You will also be wearing a bra and a full slip. Them I want to **** off by dong the same thing to you. <br />
Then we do something like that while wearing pantyhose,girdles and slips. I also would like you to *** all over me and rub it in to my skin, especially the nipples, and my privates, then lick it off..mmm