Mom To My Fiance

I've been with this guy on and off since I was 14, I'm 22 now, and when we started out he was the mature one but I grew past him and now I am. Been engaged to him since 2007 and I was sooo happy he asked but nothing has happened.

Since then he's only had one job, and I have had none b/c I was a full time student and now I'm pregnant. I try to do all I can to help him since it's helping us as well but he never seems to take me seriously. I tell him about a job, I ask everyday if he applied and it's always "i didn't have a chance," or "I forgot" or the most irritating "Y'know I like to do this type of thing in person"  He has no car, he is practically homeless living with a friend at his mom's house, he has no phone, limited internet access, and depends on everybody else for a ride anywhere. He'll walk 30 minutes for a black 'n' mild but not a job. He can't even ride a bike b/c he never learned. He donates his plasma for money and if it weren't for me he wouldn't have gotten into school, he wouldn't have paid off his fine for missing jury duty, and i'm trying to get him to get an SR22 so he can apply for a license b/c alot of the jobs I look at for him require him to have a license.

the clothes he has have come from me or from friends, the shoes have come from me, he hardly bathes or brushes his teeth-I have to tell him to do it and now he can't eat certain food b/c they've rotted so bad or have had to be pulled out. Argh this has turned into a rant but whatever. He's super smart but lazy as hell and I think the real world scares him. I  mean seriously I have to tell him to tie his shoes and when he's sick I tell him to blow his nose but he hates it and refuses like a child. He didn't have his mother growing up just his grandma so I am not even sure he understands me when I say I'm his mother and not his fiance.
XioBlue XioBlue
22-25, F
Jan 18, 2011