Sounds Like Fun..

Definitely sounds like fun... lol We can all take turns... ;-)
CaliGirl3 CaliGirl3
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Awww.... Girly.. Don't pout.. I'm sorry.. I will give you a fightin' chance... lol Look I'm just standin' here now...

*gasp* *gasp* Whew! That's better. *sprawling across the floor defeated* You win. It's not fair with your jack rabbit moves. *pouting* Lol

Stop wiggling damnit!!!! Hold still... I'll help with yer hair!! *laughing hysterically*

Awww Help! She's tackling me again. *rolling around on the floor with you* *blinded by my hair* Help! *panting* *trying to catch my breath*

Hey!!!! I was in track... and am like a jack rabbit... lol<br />
*tackles you*<br />
<br />
Flour... you may wanna close yer eyes.... lol

wow you are all wild!

Haha I may be small, but I'm quick! *wary of your every move* *like a squirrel* *touching my red butt gingerly*

Hold yer horses damnit!!!! I wasn't finished!!!! lol

playfully not painfully,lol.

I'm confused. Am I still getting spanked? Hahahaha<br />
*runs away while distracted* *chuckles slyly*

Dunno...!!!! Cuz We're and u luvvvv me... ;)<br />
Hold still damnit!!!!<br />
<br />
Did you hit her or me???

a paddle? a crop or a flogger?

I've got my cyber-paddle ready! Assume the position!<br />
<br />
Ready?<br />
<br />
<br />
Now you won't be able to sit down for the rest of the day! LOL!

*yelping* Ohhhh ow ow ow! Why are we still up again? Ow ow ow! *twisting and squirming*

ha!!!!!! Don't blame me.. lol i was up all night too!!!!!<br />
I don't think it's pink enough... *thwack*

Aww! *screaming* *writhing around in pain* It's not my fault my aim was off, it's your fault for keeping me up all night partying! Ahhhh help!! *looking over my shoulder to see my red bottom*

Hmmmm... *smiles* *thwack* *smack* and one more for good measure *SMACK... I think I gotcha... ;)

Damn! I missed. *bending over obediently*

Serves you right... lol... Shoulda waited till I turned around... hehehe You hit my belt buckle... Bend over please...

SSSMMMAAACCCKKK!! Naughty little girls need to be punished. *ouch* I hurt my hand. Lol

i can't help it i don't get out much to look around,lol.

Isn't it always fun when people rediscover one of your old stories? I love it when that happens.

ok... lol Fine ya wanna join...? lol Let me strt countin'...;)

ok,i'm in line here somewhere,lol.

Bending over for Scout... hmmm.. "Hey Scout!" "where'd ya go? You're gonna miss your turn.."

Ewwww.... dedre... You better run... *Cali says while rubbing her backside*... Wheres that damn paddle.? He's gonna get it...<br />
Yes you pushed a few out of the way.. lol Definitely out of turn... You should be ashamed.. lol

*running swing with the riding crop right at the buttocks/leg crease* ha-haaa!<br />
<br />
.....oh, was I outta turn? *blush*

Lightly???? Huh? You just wanna play<br />
touchy touchy? lol Ya gotta really spank.. hehe

*lightly spanks caligirl* :-)))))))))

You cheated... lol <br />
Ok... No puppy faces... *Cali turns around*... <br />
Here ya big baby.. *hides a smile*

Just one? :-(

Huh? Where did you come from? Damn you're quick! Ouch! <br />
Lol... Just the one for you... lol I think you cheated.. haha

*Stands to the side of caligirl* (((SPANK)))

Yep... Always... lol...

I'm here... you ready?

Zeggle.... Lmao Pay more attention..<br />
You shouldn't have to keep tryin' over and over.. lol

Ha... What ya tryin' to say Zeggle... lol<br />
That wasn't my ***... You hit my leg...<br />
You wanna try again? ;)

Zeggle...Lol.. Thought so... But hey if I had been wrong, you came in to this room, you woulda gotten spanked anyways... hehe<br />
<br />
Chris914.. Come on over.. I'm ready.. ;)

That was really good.<br />
<br />
You ready for your turn?

Zeggle.. lol... Don't be such a prude... ;) I like being a pervert.. lmao

*thwack* *Smack*... one more *thwack*.. ok lol.. My turn...

Okay. I'm here. After this though... it's your turn... ;p

Hmmm.. Come here I wanna do it again.. lol

Yes... very good. ;p

Lmao... citysleeper.. Both are sweet actually.. ;) If you wanna dish it out you better be able to take it...

chris914 I don't mind if I do.. lol ((smack)).. Was that as good for you as it was for me... <br />
Vincebx I don't know where you think you're goin... lol<br />
((Cali is chasin' after vince))<br />
highside my hand is getting red, I may have to get something else..<br />
((here I stole dedres riding crop.. It should do the trick))

I'll give you two really good ones, then you can have your turn.<br />
<br />
*vince gives CaliGirl one really good smack, smiles and walks away. *

I'm not in your circle... but can I have a turn? ;p

Loven It highside now your turn... lol ;) Bend over... sissybelinda.. ya better run.. ;)

Crack! Gotcha!!!

Crack! Gotcha!!!

dedre... lmao... You chasin' me with that thing again.. lol.. Ok.. You use it on me I get to use it on you too.. ;-)

*huff huff* ok i'm here!!! can I use my riding crop??!! *thwack!*

Lmao! Ok Carrot.. lol You next... ;-)