I Want My Wife To Spank Me!

I have read so very many stories , mostly from men who want to be spanked, and fewer from women (maybe) who want to spank. We must all see that spanking is not the issue, control is. Power is the issue. Spankings are not sexy, control and power are.
I don't really want to be spanked. I don't fantasize about being hit or feeling pain...independent of the control. It is definitely being under my wife's control that I crave. You see, I want her to be fully expressive, strong, having everything she wants...because I love her! I want her to be unrepressed and confident.
Spanking is such a pure, direct, archetypal form of control, and I want my wife to exhibit this control both in her home and in public. THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I want what a severe spanking represents. When she swats or kicks my rear in public, I feel a flush, a rush, a wash of contentment flow over and through me. My greater size and strength become worthless. People can see her kick my buttocks, and see me accept it willingly, unflinchingly. Rather than resist or complain, I instead eagerly step ahead to hold the door, or apologize for what I did or said to bring on the kick. I'd never hint at indignation, I'd only apologize to reinforce her appropriate action. I would even thank her for teaching me or correcting me.
I would eagerly and readily accept any public display of dominance by my wife in order to proudly demonstrate my submission. I don't like tape on my mouth, but would love to have my wife say in public, or before friends "you need to hush up for a while" and then firmly press a length of duct tape across my mouth. "You'll keep that on until I remove it!" I'd just nod my head, and would never remove the tape myself. She could write, paint or tattoo anything she wanted...anywhere on my skin. It's not the ink I want, it is her control. I'm sure I would prefer a steak from Outback over a can of dog food; I'd NEVER eat Pedigree on my own, but I would vastly prefer having my wife command me to "open up!" as she spooned in dog chow while her friends laughed, rather than have ANY gourmet meal. The tape, the tattoo, the dog food...the spanking; those are just worthless things separate from my wife's involvement and her control. I want my wife to be devoted to me...because she loves me and values me and our relationship. I want her to control herself and our relationship. So I would absolutely love for her to say to me "I am going out for a while, but I want you to stay here and wait for me. You may keep busy by scrubbing the floors until I get back. I'll be back when I want; if you've done a good job on the floor I may not have to spank your bottom. Let me see you on the floor scrubbing before I leave, okay?". Power and control need relationship. Scrubbing or being spanked can serve the same purpose of establishing relationship. Spanking can define a relationship. I don't want just any woman to spank me for some sexual thrill...the act would be empty, like self gratification. I would not enjoy buying a spanking. For just anyone to spank would be a worthless shadow of the pleasure my wife could bring. I want my wife to control me, to own me, to shamelessly use and abuse me at her will, both in public, for friends, or privately. Yes, I want a very thorough and severe spanking very, very much. And I want her to love me.
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Read David Xzenre on Amazon... it will get her to severely spank you for reasons of her own.

thanks, will check it out!

Question? I have the same urge however my woman thinks its totally obserd and thinks it will be to much like a mother child experience I tell her its not but I don't know how else to explain it to her? I want to be spanked by her otk with a paddle when im bad:O she is a little big vanilla you could say but she is open to new things she says this is just to weird for her? I feel we would just get soo much closer tho any ideas?

Pushing can be a problem. We want it to be THEIR idea, right? I would suggest watching TV shows and reading books on human sexuality that show how commonplace and harmless these things can be. Open communication is the truly hard part because we are afraid of exposing ourselves or of having others think we are sick or perverted. Lots of variation is NORMAL. Good luck!

Read these books search David Xzenre on amazon as author name for more.

I have the same, exact feelings, needs and wants you have. We have experienced them to somewhat of my satisfaction. The control is utmost I think because she is so vanela, submissive herself. After many years, I crave the change in her but for her to love me as much.
It might help you or us to know that what mine gives me one-has to be in some way envolving something that she craves, also. Two-she can use the excuse that it is a reward for me like my b-day, etc. In fact it doesn't always envolve me getting sexually excited. It is the feeling I get of warmth, stress relief from her being in control. I don't want to get her mad, but when she does and expresses it I feel such a rush and relief it is really nice. I wish someone could explain this more to me.

When she does get mad, listen. Ask her questions to show that you are listening and care what she thinks. Say "thanks, I hadn't thought of it that way". Change for her. The next day or next week ask her if she's noticed the change. Praise her judgement and decisions. Always ask her what she wants, and don't accept "I dunno, what do you want." Tell her that what she wants is important to you. When she DOES say "I want, I choose, I think" etc., just say great idea and don't offer alternatives. "I may want to have chicken for dinner" means "you make it happen."
You are so right. it is not about sexual excitation, it is about deep warmth and fulfillment.

Try it ~ it's very erotic to me!

Yes I want my future wife to control me a little. I have had fantasies about Miss Turkey 2005 holding me against a high school locker. I fantasized about Kim Kardashian controlling me with a whip. Maybe I would like tape on my mouth from my future wife. Sounds fun. I am sure it's fine sometimes.

I feel your wife has too much control of you.

Thanks, but I feel she has too little, or exercises her control too little. All women need to assert more control.

OK thanks, now I understand the steak-story better. I also appreciate your wishes for me.

Thanks for this story.<br />
It sounds like you are in Australia? <br />
I also love MY WIFE to spank me.

"Outback" is a steakhouse...I don't mean the literal place. I hope you get the spankings....and the love.