I Crave The Humiliation!

This is one of the most humiliating things I can think of which, given I want my wife to humiliate me is why I am telling you about it. It has been intimated to me on EP that I am a repressed wimp. I definitely harbour sissy tendencies and want my wife to dominate me, sissify me and cuckold me. The ultimate part of that process for me could be when my wife asks her lover if he will spank me - her Sissy husband.

I want him to put me over his knee, pull my maid's skirt up, panties down and give me a really good spanking whilst my wife watches and eggs him on. I want her to say degrading things about me whilst he does it - that I am a pansy, a wimp and a good for nothing useless husband who was no use to her and should be sent out to do the shopping dressed as a Sissy maid whilst he ****** her good and hard.

If anyone else out there wants to say degrading things about me, please go ahead and leave a message for me - I will be suitably grateful. Anyone else share similar thoughts or am I all alone?
jessicasissymaid jessicasissymaid
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My wife has witness another guy spank me bare bottomed over his knee. It was so humiliating

no woman in the whole world would like/enjoy to do this. I think You'r gay but don't want to admit it.

When he's done with you he can put me over his knee and spank my bare bottom lol

I've had my bare bottom chastised by numerous alpha males who were dating my girlfriends over the years ; I don't think the term "spanking" properly describes many of the punishments I've had to endure. Whippings , beatings , floggings and canings were more like it. Although it is quite painful and extremely humiliating having your butt thrashed in front of the woman you love by another male , the benefits are tremendous: you'll find that your behavior and overall disposition will improve substantially , your wife or girlfriend will enjoy seeing you so thoroughly humbled , and the stud she's dating will derive considerable satisfaction from tanning your hide. It's a rewarding experience for all concerned.

maybe a spanking with a plug in your sissyhole if your a lucky little *****

Wow Joan - that sounds just perfect! I'm sure I'd love it just like you say.<br />
<br />
Thank you<br />
<br />

Oh..... : )<br />
<br />
I think maybe a riding crop on your bare *** while you suck me and get me good and hard. Then you can sit and watch me **** your wife. <br />
<br />
After that, you can lick my **** clean and get me hard again so I can **** your painful red *** nice and deep while you lick my *** from your wife's *****.<br />
<br />
I'd make you a real sissy cuckold and you'd love every moment of it.

I like this train of thought!

Yes Sissy, I share your feelings, my wife had one of her big biker friends make me drop my pants when he was at our house one night, they were both drunk, having her weekly meeting with him and lay across his lap and he spanked me like a little boy in front of her.<br />
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You will certainly lose your manhood for a little while if thats what your looking for but it will come back, and it will be the most humilitating moment you will experience.

Gmony 111:
I think you would appreciate it much more if he was smaller than you or younger than you. Then you know who is in charge. AW

I think instaed of having a man spank you, your wife should have a Very Strong and Macho "Bull Dyke" administer a spanking, and let you know that Women are Now in Total Control of you...the Femmy Male, and women will be in Control of many more Femmy Males!

Volunteers? When do we start.

Thank you - I read your story and would happily swap place with your husband so you could spank me.

Very interesting fantasy, Sissy. I regularly spank my hubby.