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Getting A Spanking In Diapers

Getting a spanking with a diaper on is no big deal. One time when my wife told me I was going to get a spanking I laughed at her and told her it wouldn't hurt because she had already diapered me for bed. She said she would spank me until my diaper was tattered and then I'd feel it. Well, she started spanking and I was right, I didn't feel it. And she was wrong, todays diapers are strong enough that even after about 20 swats the diaper was for the most part still in tact. Of course that's when she got upset and said "this is not working for me" She then grabbed the paddle and pulled my diaper down just enough for my bottom to show. I now regret laughing at her.
Garybaybe Garybaybe 41-45, M 2 Responses Nov 29, 2012

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I'm a life-long night wetter, but I do normally wake up unless I'm sick or overly tired (was an almost every night bedwetter until I was almost 16). At those times when bedwetting is likely my wife insists that I wear diapers as well, and she diapers me to make sure they are on securely. On the rare occasion that I wet the bed without a diaper I get soundly spanked and diapered at night for a month. If I wet in my diaper during the punishment period I also get spanked and get a week added to the punishment. Since we use cloth diapers and plastic pants, my wife learned right away to take them down for my spankings!

Is it all a play thing or are you a bad-boy lots, My g-f has taken upon herself to very quietly keep me in diapers, she does not mind if they are noticeable under my clothes or not, she has not made it out to be punishment or anything but just says I better wear them, whats up with that, thx Bobbie48

See for me, I have to be diapered at night as I'm a lifelong bedwetter. My wife won't put up with a wet bed either, totally unacceptable to her. (and really me too) I do love when she diapers me. She really totally takes care of me, not only does she take care of all my diaper needs but she also takes care of all my sexual needs. She really enjoys two things; one, making me ****** and two, total control over me. And for her I'm not able to pick and choose what I want. We make a deal long ago that she would take care of my needs 100% but I have to submit to her 100%. At the time we made the deal I didn't understand what it involved, but now I do and respect our deal. It means that she can give me a spanking if she feels I deserve it and on occasion I'm diaper punished (made to wear diapers 24/7 even though I don't have too)